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PSBcreative’s New Production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. to Stream Online from July 24th to August 29th

2021-09-20 05:09:41 Business


Marietta, Georgia, July, 2021: PSBcreative – a leading Marietta-based production company specializing in putting on high quality theatrical works for schools and community theater groups is excited to announce that their latest production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. will be streaming on from July 24th to August 29th.

While every theatrical production is a byproduct of both love as well as hard work, this production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. serves as an especially remarkable achievement. After the in-person production was cancelled in the spring of 2020 just days before opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PSBcreative team pivoted to produce a movie version of the musical.

In a reflection of our current times, the film was made entirely in a backyard and basement. Auditions were held via video submission, rehearsals were conducted over Zoom, and each vocal track was even recorded individually in a basement. Costumes and props were made by hand, and the team even constructed a tent studio for filming.

“Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to take our creativity to a whole new level,” said Pete Bush, the Director of PSBcreative. “Both casts – with age ranges from eight to 13 years old – worked tirelessly to make our version of the beloved musical classic, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr., a reality. I’m incredibly proud of everyone who helped make this happen – together, we figured out a way to keep going, to keep performing, and to keep the arts alive in our community.”

Stream Cast A Dinglehopper here or Cast B Snarfblatt here. To view either production after August 29th, please contact PSBcreative.

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