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Biz2X launches end-to-end API-based platform for Loan management “Biz2X LMS”

2021-09-20 01:24:16 Business


India, 22/07/2021: Biz2X, a leading Digital Lending SaaS platform which enables financial institutions to provide a customized online loan servicing experience for their small and midsize business customers, has announced the launch of Biz2X LMS (Loan Management System), an end-to-end API-based platform for Loan management, Servicing, and Collections. It is an advanced and most comprehensive bank loan management system that automates the entire loan lifecycle for achieving cost savings and enhanced customer experience. It is digital loan servicing platform that provides scalable and modular solution to grow for small to large client base and covers all the necessary core lending bank processes.

Biz2X LMS can be accessed through REST API. It can be integrated with any downstream or upstream system, including core banking systems, accounting software, and consumer-facing apps. It is a highly configurable platform that can be configured with over 500 different parameters. With an in-built reporting and analytics module, banks and financial institutions can extract, transform and analyze the LMS data. With REST APIs banks/financial institutions/ NBFCs can also pull the data to their portfolio. With Biz2X API-based LMS, banks and financial institutions can automate all their manual activities by integrating the systems to a single centralized platform.

On the launch of Biz2X LMS, Mr. Vineet Tyagi, Global CTO, Biz2X said, “Our solutions are at the heart of some of the largest Indian banking, Financial Institutions and NBFCs. This solution is truly seamlessly without any manual intervention by integrating the systems to a single centralized platform, solving one of the most crucial problems of the lending industry. Moreover, this has highly flexible product configuration and easy integration to external /3rd party services and payment gateway integrations”

Biz2X LMS can help Banks, Financial institutions and NBFCs to get future- ready with an integrated post loan disbursement monitoring system, at provides an ageing view of comprehensive borrower risk profile and underlying opportunities to enhance the future lending prospects.

About Biz2X

Biz2X is the leading digital lending platform, enabling financial providers to power growth with a modern omni-channel experience, best-in-class risk management tools and a comprehensive yet flexible Servicing engine. The company partners with financial institutions to support their Digital transformation efforts with Biz2X’s digital lending platform. Biz2X solutions not only reduces operational expense, but accelerates lending growth by significantly improving client experience, reducing total turnaround time and equipping the relationship managers with powerful monitoring insights and alerts.

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