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Mailgaze Simplifies Email Campaign Management With Refined Functionalities

2021-09-17 07:49:25 Technology


Bengaluru, India: Mailgaze, the efficient email ads intelligence and ads creative tool, has recently announced feature upgrade to offer better assistance for ad campaign managers. The platform keeps the ultimate goal of growing audience engagement, sales, leads, etc.

Email marketing has been a vital part of businesses since the beginning, which opens up exceptional growth opportunities for Mailgaze as an efficient email marketing and management platform.

Mailgaze tool is also reliable in terms of affordability. The plans range from basic ($9.99), standard ($19.99), to premium ($29.99). Furthermore, the company has the provision to customize plans as per user requests.

Abilities of Mailgaze at a glance

1. The platform has a comprehensive dashboard to display entire statistics, audience activities, and other critical data that supports business operations.

2. It features powerful filters to ease off the search for competitors’ email campaigns and boost up further strategies.

3. Submission of detailed report, packed with real-time data, related links, graphs, and so on.

4. Allow users to target relevant campaigns to recreate the strategies already leading in the industry.

5. Quick & accurate performance tracking for timely changes in the advertising trends to cope up with the changing world.

Mailgaze is also undergoing significant change, both in features and overall abilities. Therefore, upcoming changes would be announced in the company's official news section.

It helps businesses to make their email marketing relevant to their audience by sending the right information to the right person at the right or accurate time.

The entire updated abilities of the software aim to minimize work time, energy, and expenses that the marketers require to collect the relevant data related to the right content.

All sized businesses, email campaigns, and online marketing setups can leverage Mailgaze. No matter on which stage the marketers have reached or what challenges are about to appear in the future, Mailgaze provides clear information as per the marketer’s needs.

About Mailgaze

Mailgaze is a robust email marketing tool to help businesses analyze their competitors’ active campaigns and set out productive strategies. It also makes it possible to collect valuable information that is indeed crucial. For more information, visit-

Company :-Mailgaze

User :- Mailgaze Team


Phone :- 8041660003

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