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CloudDesk Gives Free Consultations to Companies On How to Manage Remote Workforce

2021-09-26 02:13:24 Technology


CloudDesk is offering free consultations to companies that want to manage remote workforce
The option to work from home seems to be very appealing to many employees which is why companies are trying to stay competitive by allowing them to work remotely. According to some research, more than 65% of employees would prefer to work from home, while more than 35% would rather take the opportunity than a pay raise.

Employees are looking for flexible options while working from home, and employers are accepting it as long as employees are working productively. However, the process of letting employees work from home can be challenging, and if a company has never done this before they can run into many issues. As globally there is a pandemic situation, companies must be prepared to let their employees work from home.

CloudDesk is a robust employee monitoring software that is perfect for remote workforce management, and they have been successfully leading into that market for several years now. During this time CloudDesk had a chance to work with numerous companies with both small and large remote teams, and they’ve seen the challenges that are faced by the managers who are assigned to manage the work performance of remote teams.

Seeing as global companies are currently allowing the work from home option for its employees, CloudDesk decided to offer free consultations to companies who need it.

CloudDesk has a number of dedicated team members to guide Companies on key information on how to manage a remote workforce. They will also share actionable insights and tips which can help companies deal with the transition.

We know that providing a guide book or recorded video will hardly give managers enough information to know what they actually want to know, which is why CloudDesk is organizing one-to-one free consultation session with everyone. There is no time barrier and no sales talk. To get this consultation, companies should head over to their website and schedule a free consultation.

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CloudDesk is an employee monitoring and time tracking software that helps remote teams stay organized and productive.
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