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Arabic Search Engine plus Webmail and Data Analytics is Now Available at Zajjle

2021-09-15 10:36:31 Technology


Ahmad A Najar, the founder of CatchFood and, introduces Arabic search engine plus webmail and data zajjle analytic sites.

Ahmad A Najar, the founder of CatchFood and, has introduced a new website called Zajjle. Zajjle is Ahmad A Najar's new website and is available now at Zajjle is an Arabic search engine with many advantages. Besides offering the primary function as a search engine in the Arabic language, it also has additional features like webmail and website statistics & data analytics. People in Middle East countries can access the website in the Arabic language for searching the current news, website address, videos, and photos. "I'm proud and excited of launching our Arabic language search engine. I hope that in the future Zajjel will give many benefits for many people," said Ahmad A Najar, the founder of Zajjle.

In addition to the search engine with the Arabic language, Zajjle also offers other interesting features like webmail and website data analytics. Website owners can register on the website to get these features. These outstanding features are free and available at With the data analytics feature, website owners can get website statistic data to optimize their website performance. It showcases website traffic in real-time, visitors' behavior, geographic, visitors' device/software, creating custom events, and many others. The best feature from website data analytic features is the website statistic report can be exported in CSV format. Moreover, anyone can also get their email address and access their personal email services without  charge.


Ahmad A Najar, the Zajjle founder, is an entrepreneur who established CatchFood and Catchfood is a successful web-based restaurant management and food delivery platform. It has served countries like the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, America, and Canada. is a popular Arabic agricultural platform connecting people interested in the agriculture industry to change ideas, increase knowledge and communicate with professionals in the agriculture industry. 


About Zajjle is an Arabic search engine with website statistics and analytic zajjle data features. It helps people find web pages, news, videos, or images in the Arabic language and get website analytics data reports for free. Additionally, Zajjle search engine was established by Ahmad A Najar, the Catchfood CEO and the founder of CatchFood restaurant management is one of Ahmad A Najar's successful startups with over 6 million orders and 2 million subscribers. For more information about Zajjle search engine and data analytic site, please visit

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