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Infographic revealing Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 2021

2021-07-23 02:38:46 Technology


Paris, France, 17 June 2021 -- Who has never gone to Google to search for the dimensions of a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn image? Digitiz published an infographic that helps everyone to keep track of all the image sizes on social networks in 2021!

The quality of your images on social networks directly determines the success of your publications and your Inbound Marketing strategy. A beautiful, poorly cut image can make your publication a total flop on social networks. Image dimensions vary from one social network to another.

An image that displays perfectly on Facebook will not display properly on LinkedIn or Twitter. Sharing the same image on all your social networks without taking care to adjust the dimensions is not a viable option.

To help you publish the perfect image on social networks, Digitiz have listed here all the dimensions of profile photos, cover photos and posts on social networks in 2021 in their infographic.

About Digitiz: Digitiz is a company that helps you choose the best solutions for your business online. Digitiz assists people in getting their software search out of the way so they can concentrate on their business. They tailored and published content daily and offer many tips, comparisons and reviews of web tools and software, especially for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, agencies and start ups. Digitiz also offers their SEO services for companies that look forward to increasing their online presence and reaching more audience on Google and other search engines.

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