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Women Inspiring Network organizes a webinar on Parampara & Pragati

2022-01-24 02:50:05 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi,15th June 2021: Women Inspiring Network presents #Winning Minds, brings a webinar on Parampara & Pragati, Creating Stories & Ecosystems in the Performing Arts. A rare and unique opportunity where the renowned panelists, Guru Padma Sharma, Gauri Sharma Tripathi, Kathak Dance Practitioner, Movement and Artistic Director of ANKH Dance, and Tarini Tripathi, Dance Student and Strength & Conditioning Coach will be sharing the screen on Friday, 18th June 2021 6 PM onward on WIN Facebook Page.

Winning Minds is a series to document brilliant work done by supremely talented authors and creative explorers. This series is hosted by Amrita Chowdhury - Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Board Member. The one-of-its-kind discussion, where three generations bound by the thread of Kathak Dance will talk about the evolution of the dance through their times - and the traditions that bind them to the form and the sparks that let them soar to a breakthrough.

Guru Padma Sharma, “Our philosophy is to uplift the individual through the tool of dance to be able to self-realize and illuminate from within - with rigor, practice, and discipline as the ongoing mantra"

Gauri Sharma Tripathi, Kathak Dance Practitioner, Movement and Artistic Director of ANKH Dance, said,” Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance. We refresh every day to view it with a new lens. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but fruit from seeds planted in the past, that is parampara…. Dance is the vitamin for life for us "

Tarini Tripathi, Dance Student and Strength & Conditioning Coach said, “Creativity is no man's land. The body creates movements through the ink of emotions in the space…. Many a time we need to revisit it as it is a spontaneous response to a moment of time “

Host and Curator Amrita Chowdhury said, “Dance, unlike the written word, has its own creative vocabulary that enmeshes motion, rhythm, and melody. The dancer becomes the medium, the words, and the story. Through this unique episode of Winning Minds, we will explore how the performing arts create intersections of practice, performance, and promotion, and what could the digital future entail."

Stuti Jalan Founder, of Women Inspiring Network, said, “We are extremely honored to host this unique session where eminent leaders from the art and culture field will enlighten our audiences with their experiences and share their journey stories. We are really excited to look forward to the session”

Details of the Webinar –

Day & Date- Friday, 18th June 2021

Time- IST 6pm Onwards

Live - WIN -

About Amrita Chowdhury

Amrita Chowdhury is the author of two bestselling fiction books – Faking It, an art crime thriller, and Breach, a cybercrime thriller, and contributor to Chicken Soup for the IITian Soul. She followed her love for books to serve as the South Asia CEO & Publisher of global publishing firm Harlequin and build romance and women’s writing imprints for India. She frequently writes and speaks on business, technology, governance, and lifestyle issues for a variety of media channels, digital platforms, event platforms, and government think tanks.

About Women Inspiring Network

Women Inspiring Network (WIN) is an inspirational storytelling network that emerged out of the lockdown to connect aspiring women leaders from different walks of life. Now, with a community of 5000 remarkable women, WIN connects a vibrant network of female leaders who create a domino effect of sharing and empowering. We are a first-of-its-kind digital network which shines light on the awe-inspiring stories of female achievers. We also provide them with a content platform where, by connecting with each other over their journeys, they can continue to inform and inspire the young professionals. As a women-founded and women-only team, we at WIN recognise and shine light on stories that are relevant in contemporary gender equations. Ours is a comprehensive movement to Pay It Forward.

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