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Pitstop introduces “Pitstop Car Revive Pack” for a hassle-free post lockdown drive

2022-12-07 10:49:14 Automotive


India, Bangalore - June 11, 2021 - It is time to start the post lockdown life with Pitstop's Revive Pack. Pitstop has curated a group of services that your car would need as soon as the lockdown is over. The pack will include Jumpstart and Battery Check, Interior Germ Cleaning (with 3 months warranty), AC Disinfection and Sanitization, Complete inspection and Fluid (Engine Oil / Coolant / Brake Fluid)Top-up to 100ml, Tyre Check-Puncture Repair, and Exterior Eco Dry Wash.

During the flu season, the surfaces you touch and the air you breathe must be germ-free. Contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollutants, and deceased bugs are bound to settle onto your car's exteriors during the lockdown period can damage the finish and paint of your vehicle. Pitstop’s smart cleaning process ensures a germ-free experience inside and outside(exterior) of the car. Solvents used to sanitize are 100% safe for children as well as pets. A complete inspection will give you a report on the current condition of your car, along with the quote on parts required for its smooth functioning. Quarantine season also brings in the season of flat tyres, as when cars are parked for almost a month leads to deflation of tyres, tyre check, and puncture repair will get your car rolling.

“Make sure your car is properly investigated before you plan for a short trip or a long trip. Our exclusive car revive pack promises to keep you safe and stress free throughout your journey” added Mihir Mohan, CEO, Pitstop

All this and more within 120 minutes, Pitstop-trained professionals will work their magic onto your car at your doorstep and will make your car ready to zoom for your post quarantine outing.

About Pitstop:

Started in 2015 by Mihir Mohan, Pitstop aims to address the massive gap in the car service industry where only 8500 branded and authorized service centers exit to cater to over 32 million cars. Pitstop works with existing local multi-brand car service by reskilling, training, and giving access to state-of-the-art equipment and OEM spares. With its unique home service offering, Pitstop brings unparalleled transparency, accountability, and convenience. It has raised an amount of $9.7M to date.

User :- Hitheshitha Mahesh


Mobile:- +91 8105266029

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