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OBEETEE, a heritage brand embracing sustainable collections for the home interiors

2024-06-13 11:46:59 Design


New Delhi, May 2021: OBEETEE, a brand that upholds a legacy of sustainable carpets and rugs for more than a hundred years now, is India?s largest luxury carpet maker, known for its grandeur and marvelous designs. It ensures to offer top-quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service since its inception and is one of the most trusted brands by consumers globally. The designs, derived from the ancient art form of carpet weaving, serve to preserve India?s heritage.

OBEETEE has accomplished an amalgamation of traditional art forms with modern trends to provide unique, opulent, and extravagant collections. The rugs are also designed by celebrated Indian designers with ?India? as a theme and are woven by skilled artisans and weavers. A solid committed brand continues its efforts towards sustainability, the conservation of the environment, and social and economic welfare.

It has never wavered from the persistent goal of saving the environment in hopes to see a better tomorrow and make a valuable contribution to the world. OBEETEE aims to make sure that their carpets last generations, and through their practices, the environment does too. The CSR vision is to improve the quality of life for all its communities through sustainable development, which displays a strong sense of compassion and responsibility. It ensures that the manufacturing processes are carefully designed to conserve water, along with the usage of renewable energy, natural dyes, and recycled yarns. It makes sure that all the materials are ethically sourced and that no animals are harmed in the procurement process.

In every aspect, whether it is conserving water, sustainable manufacturing, or creating a community OBEETEE has always been one step ahead and stood for what they believed in. It hascreated a safe environment for its community and takes steps every day to ensure that the production processes are safe and sustainable. OBEETEE as a brand has instilled trust and confidence for a better future and has set an example through their sustainable ways of entrepreneurship. This World Environment Day 2021, where the theme is ?Ecosystem Restoration?, it can be assured that OBEETEE has set a perfect example to follow.


OBEETEE is one of the largest handmade rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. OBEETEE?s outstanding quality and reputation have earned the interest of many famous and notable people. Founded as Oakley Bowden & Taylor in 1920, OBEETEE has grown to 650 permanent employees and works with 25,000 independent artisans who are engaged in weaving and processing our rugs in India. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is home to two majestic OBEETEE rugs, the largest measuring 452 square metres and containing billions of intricate knots.

User :- Shilpi Srivastava


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