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hIOTron Discovers guide on value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

2021-06-22 04:10:47 Technology


Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, May 24, 2021: Today’s manufacturers must perform operations at rapid speed to maintain pace with the ever-changing customer needs, market trends as well as global competitors in a continuously changing marketplace.

Data analytics can also assist manufacturers to improve productivity, minimize lead times, remove errors and speed time to market.
Data analytics is one of the latest trends in manufacturing today. It can benefit large as well as small manufacturers in all types of organizations.

Data analytics basically is the process of taking out insights from a set of data. With accurate technology, this data can be collected and explored from just about any process or any section of production equipment.
Utilizing the potential of data analytics, manufacturers can accumulate, sort and monitor the huge volumes of data and transform this data into actionable insights. It supports manufacturers to improve average yields and minimize operating costs as the focus shifts from eliminating poor batches to optimizing manufacturing processes.

Utilizing analytics to analyze production line quality can support recognizing quality problems instantly and improve yield. Additionally, monitoring historical equipment performance data and real-time data can minimize maintenance costs and improve equipment availability.
With the help of IoT-enabled sensors and data analytics, engineers can estimate equipment vibrations to interpret what ‘normal’ operations look like.

Data analytics also allows manufacturers to track the amount of time it takes products to move via various areas of the assembly line. If the overall data informs management that one area is moving slower than others, they can search for the root cause and resolve the concern, which can vary from staffing inequalities to standard asset performance.
To maintain pace with fluctuating market trends and meet emerging customer expectations, manufacturers must adopt IoT technologies and leverage data analytics to bring insights into asset health, output quality as well as operational processes.


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