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Data recovery Solutions has Released the Smart Zoho Mail Backup Tool

2023-05-24 08:22:36 Computer


19-05-2021 - Data Recovery Solutions - Noida, India. The advanced DRS Zoho Mail Backup Tool has been launched which helps users to backup Zoho mails without facing any limitation or risk of data loss. Sometimes users face issues in Zoho data backup using the conventional manual techniques. As an alternative to manual methods, automated Zoho email backup tool is introduced that simplifies the backup process with safety and accuracy. The smart utility is capable of exporting Zoho emails to PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, HTML, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, etc. The software even offers a pause and resume option during the backing up process. The user can also download the other mailbox items including emails, attachments, appointments, notes, tasks, etc. The software provides a smart date filter option that is used to filter emails between the start and end date. There is also a free demo version of the utility available to evaluate the performance before making a purchase.

Need to Backup Zoho Mail

There can be various reasons for which users need to perform Zoho email backup. Some of the main reasons to perform the backup includes - accidental deletion of the Zoho data, switching Zoho to another email client, for backup requirements, hacking and phishing cases, etc. In such cases, users need to opt for an advanced Zoho mail backup tool. There are conventional manual techniques as well, however the experts faced several limitations and risks using the manual method. So it is suggested to use the automated Zoho mail backup tool for an effective and hassle-free migration.
Now the query arises - how to backup Zoho mail? Data Recovery Solutions has launched a perfect and cost-effective tool for backup.

DRS Zoho Mail Backup Tool

Data Recovery Solutions (DRS) is a popular name in the IT industries. DRS offers the best solutions in the field of email management, email migration, and cloud backup. DRS has released the outstanding Zoho email backup software that allows users to export Zoho emails with all the attachments to MBOX, PST, MSG, PDF, HTML, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, etc. The software is designed on a smooth user friendly interface. Automated professional technique provides a quick and safe solution for migration. There are no file size restrictions and even a novice user can run the tool without any difficulty. It is able to migrate the mailbox items as well including the emails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, etc. The free Zoho mail backup tool is also available that allows users to export emails and evaluate the performance for free. There are also some amazing additional features offered by the DRS software that attracts the attention of the users -

*Easily backup Zoho emails to PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, MSG, Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, etc.
*Exports the other mailbox items as well such as emails, tasks, attachments, notes, calendar, etc.
*Offers a date filter option to export the selective emails.
*Software offers pause and resume options for migration.
*Also able to save Zoho emails to Image format like PNG, TIFF, JIFF, and GIF, etc.
*Remove duplicate emails option is available.
*Feature to schedule backup as per the user requirements.
*Maintains the hierarchy during migration.
*Supports Windows and Mac OS entire versions.
*The free version of the software is available to evaluate the performance of the tool.

Product Website -

Words From CEO

Creating backups to the important emails and other mailbox items is very crucial as there are various reasons and risks due to which users might lose their data. If due to any reason the user loses the crucial data, then it becomes really difficult to bring back the data. So the DRS team has developed the advanced Zoho mail backup tool that can easily backup Zoho emails and all the other items to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML, Gmail, Office 365, and many other file formats or email clients. The software is easy to run even by any non-technical user.

About the Company

Data Recovery Solutions (DRS) is a popular organisation that provides the best solutions for email management, data migration, and cloud backup. DRS always keeps in the mind the security and accuracy during the migration.

Company :-Data Recovery Solutions

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