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Mr. Ayyappa Pindi, Founder & CEO 51Pyramids wins an Award for his best Spiritual Service

2022-10-01 08:06:33 Miscellaneous


When your passion is all about serving mother earth and humankind, then there is no turning back. This is how an all-rounder, versatile, deeply grounded, highly dedicated, passionate, Pyramid expert and a pyramid researcher Mr. Ayyappa Pindi, Founder and CEO of 51Pyramids, has proved in his long journey of spiritual service for making Earth more- better place. Recently, he has been honoured with “INDIA’S PROMISING PYRAMID EXPERT” award from Jiten, for his great limitless dedication and love for pyramids & spiritual service which have transformed many lives & is still transforming many lives.
Ayyappa Pindi is a successful entrepreneur, Pyramids Research Scientist, Transformational Meditation Coach, and an Enlightened Master. He is Founder & CEO of PureMindz Technologies (2017), BitsBytez Technologies (2018), PyramidEarth (2018) and 51Pyramids (2019), an e-commerce platform.
He is a Spiritual master and a Spiritual Corporate Meditation Trainer who has extensively given over 1000+ sessions on Meditation in major IT companies. He started 51Pyramids – an e-commerce solution company in 2019 to serve humanity on a large scale by sending right spiritual products for the upliftment of one’s consciousness. These tools will help everyone to get the right balance on Body, Mind, and Soul.

51Pyramids is a number one source for high quality handcrafted meditational pyramids. With vast experience using Pyramids, the team have managed to produce a unique handcrafted pyramids and other Spiritual products. Every pyramid in unique and handcrafted with love from scratch. They use the highest quality of pure earthly metals which hold holistic benefits to create beautiful life transformational Sacred Geometric tools for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent, increasing intuition and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

For those who wish to make a start, Pyramid Meditation is the best way to experience high-energy environments in no time. Most people who have tried Pyramid Meditation have experienced complete relaxation of their body, shutting out of all external stimuli including thoughts and finally achieved an altered state of consciousness which allows them to concentrate on deeper inner level. pyramid energy could be used by all for preservation, healing, meditation and out-of-body experiences.

Apart from this wonderful service, Mr. Ayyappa also conducts free Meditation sessions and have taught Meditation to lakhs of people around the globe. His love and purpose is, to spread the awareness about Meditation and Pyramid power across.

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