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Directorate of Sports Maharashtra, NCC, Scouts & Guides, and NYK in collaboration with Xtraliving announces Champions of eNERGIZE Bootcamp

2023-09-16 04:47:58 Events / Trade Shows


19 April 2021 | India: In order to help develop healthy habits amongst kids and adults, Xtraliving Pvt Ltd, a leading Health Wellness & Fitness company, in collaboration with the Directorate of Sports Maharashtra, NCC, Scouts & Guides, and NYK organized ‘eNERGIZE Bootcamp’ from 15th -31st March 2021. 18521 kids and adults had participated in the event with the objective of building the foundation of health by focusing on building sustainable healthy habits.

The boot camp which lasted 15 days was structured around managing health under time constraints. This was done in a process that included the following steps-

Every individual was given information about movement, nutrition, recovery, and mental health

They were given tasks with a timeline of 10-15 minutes which was followed by a quiz round based on the tasks
Every individual was given scores basis their performance and improvement in scores was reflected in terms of building healthy habits.

Talking about the Bootcamp, Rishikesh Kumar, founder and CEO, Xtraliving said, “During these difficult times of Covid-19, it is even more pertinent that everyone favours and savours sustainable healthy habits in their lifestyle. This Bootcamp is our initiative towards building the foundation of health and moving towards a future where there are sustainably healthy habits amongst people. I thank and congratulate all the participants and winners - this is a win for your health, and yourself. Additionally, I would also like to thank the Directorate of Sports Maharashtra, NCC, Scouts & Guides, and NYK for their support and collaboration.”

User :- Shraddha Pareek


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