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U.S. Film Crew Discusses UV Blocking Window Film

2021-05-13 08:12:33 Business


Sun blocking window films are no doubt one of the highly sought products in the market today, and for good reasons. From retail storefronts, commercial office spaces, schools, hospitals, governmental facilities, and homes, the advantages of UV blocking window films are universally appliable across various buildings. One of the highly respected window tint companies in Pittsburgh, U.S. Film Crew, shared important insights about these efficient sun-blocking window films.

The sun is not only an outdoor problem for humans. Even when a person is indoors, they are exposed to its harmful effects. High sun exposure can lead to melanoma, cancer, cornea damage, and other conditions. UV protection window film can help protect everyone’s well-being from employees, tenants, and clients by blocking up to 99.99% of risky UV rays without reducing natural light.

UV blocking film for windows comes in different UV protection degrees, blocking anywhere between 80% to 99% of such potentially dangerous rays. The film offers a business or home with the perfect blockage level to lower interior temperature in the space.

U.S. Film Crew also mentioned that there’s another reason why most individuals seek this kind of film from them is because of its heat protection features. Sunlight heat comes from two sources: visible light that everyone can see and infrared that people can feel. The quantity of infrared light blocked by a UV window film is important for a person’s long-term health.

Some business owners and homes settle for DIY, temporary film applications. However, US Film Crew’s sun control window film is long-lasting and ideal for all four seasons. They are aware that the application process for the permanent film is identical to the temporary film. However, their team’s trying process takes to guarantee a tighter seal to the window’s surface, making sure it will last for years.

According to a spokesperson from US Film Crew, “Our main goal is to safeguard our client’s belongings that matter to them most. It is unfortunate when a person’s favorite works of art, furniture, and other objects are ruined because of too many sun rays passing through untreated windows. Our high quality and reliable UV blocking window film solutions will restore the color of your carpet, hardwood floors, fabrics, and other important valuables.”

He also added, “Ordinary glass provides a little to no protection from UV rays. However, window films do and at a fraction of the price of other UV blocking alternatives. Our solar control window film offers YUV rejection by blocking at least 99.99% of harmful UVA rays. Our window films can also protect you against the risks of UV-induced skin conditions and photosensitivity.”

US Film Crew takes pride in the best selection of quality UV window films they offer. They have nearly three decades of expertise installing solar control window films in house using advanced equipment and applications in the Greater Pittsburgh area and worldwide. Further, their many satisfied residential customers love them because they offer top-notch service and cost-efficient solutions to their solar heat gain problems.

Interested businesses and homeowners who want to make the most of their office space or home can get in touch with US Film Crew’s experienced glass protection film specialists. They proudly serve all of the Pittsburgh areas. They also take pride in having more than 28 years of experience and friendly customer service and are always there to answer their customers’ questions or concerns.

About US Film Crew

U.S. Film Crew is a window film installation company located in Pittsburgh. Since 1992, the company has offered residential and commercial tint to customers in the Tri-State area. The company is dedicated to excellence in each aspect of its business. They uphold a standard of integrity bound by honesty, fairness, and personal responsibility. Their distinction is the quality of service they bring to their customers.

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