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Nor Cal Mythos Announces Kickstarter Campaign for “LokDown” an Anime Inspired Tabletop RPG

2021-05-14 07:50:21 Business


April 12, 2021: It’s no secret RPG players tend to love anime. So what could be more of a good fit than bringing anime style worlds and sensibilities into a sound RPG structure, designed to maximize player enjoyment? Many would say not much. High energy California-based game developers Nor Cal Mythos certainly agree. In that spirit, the new tabletop RPG from Nor Cal Mythos “LokDown” opens the door to exciting and fun, truly engaging role playing, in anime style worlds where the limit is the imagination. Building off past success, a crowdfunding campaign begins on April 15th on Kickstarter to bring the first edition of “LokDown” to market. The campaign has set a goal of $6000 and ends on May 12th, 2021.
The excitement surrounding the new game is high and rising with their preview weekend earning more than $1,700.

“We are passionate about ‘LokDown’ and know gamers are going to really love it too,” commented a spokesperson from Nor Cal Mythos. “LokDown allows gamers to bring in elements from their favorite anime stories, in a rich Sci-Fantasy world. It also includes all kinds of cool options where different time periods, technology levels, or anime styles can be explored and enjoyed!”

According to the company, LokDown is built as an expansion to the Carbyne Jungle gaming system, but it can also be easily played and enjoyed as a stand-alone game. It is being released as two books: A player's guide with everything a player needs to enjoy the game, and a separate Game Master's guide that helps develop a deeper understanding of the world, its mythology, and delivers a prebuilt campaign, all setting the stage for a huge amount of creative expression and future fun.

Different perks are available according to donation level, some with only limited openings. Jump on board soon, to avoid missing out.

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