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Kyvos Insights unveils BI Acceleration for everyone - Kyvos Free

2021-04-20 09:42:34 Technology


Kyvos Insights, a leading cloud and big data BI Acceleration company, announced the general availability of its full-featured, free version – Kyvos Free. With the power to overcome limitations of speed and scale, Kyvos Free supercharges BI tool's performance and lets business users and BI analysts discover game-changing insights faster than ever before.

The company's revolutionary Smart OLAP™ technology helps leading global enterprises analyze previously unthinkable amounts of data and transform their BI initiatives. Kyvos Free's launch comes as the next step in its endeavor to make BI Acceleration available and accessible to everyone. The underlying promise of taking compromise out of BI and helping humans consume and make sense of their data stays unchanged.

"Too many people have to make compromises in visualizing and consuming their data. Kyvos Free will change that and help people make intelligent decisions, without requiring expensive IT cycles and weeks and months of development," – said Ajay Anand, Chief Product Officer at Kyvos Insights.

Kyvos Free can be installed on your AWS environment in a matter of few hours, comes with a visual data-to-analysis pipeline, and you can start analyzing with your existing BI tools.

What comes free with Kyvos Free:

Kyvos Free can be instantly deployed on AWS
Slice and dice, drill down and roll up 2 billion data points in sub-seconds
Ability to add 10 dimensions and 50 fields in the cube
Support for up to 50 million cardinality
Connectivity to any BI tool via SQL or MDX
More information on Kyvos Free is available on Kyvos website.

Kyvos is the world's fastest and most scalable BI acceleration platform that revolutionizes modern day analytics. The company's cloud-native Smart OLAP™ technology builds a Universal Semantic Layer and enables enterprises scale their BI to trillions of rows of data while saving costs and without compromising on performance. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Kyvos Insights was formed by a team of veterans from Yahoo!, Impetus, and Intellicus Technologies. For more information, visit us at

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