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DxSoft Inc Comes with the Best tool for long path files for PC Users Worldwide

2021-04-20 10:14:41 Business


Santa Clara, CA, March 13, 2019: For PC users, it can be quite tough to deal with files that have long path names. These can be quite difficult to search out and access. DxSoft Inc offers the best tool for long path files that can easily deal with this issue, which is a common problem for many users across the globe.

This software tool from DxSoft Inc is very useful, and is intended to be used by people who use Linux, Mac and Windows systems. For handling files that have long directory path names, this Long Path Tool can be a great software program to use. The tool has a small file size, and can list files with paths having over 255 characters.

The program consists of control settings to regulate file ownership and ACL, renaming files with long directory paths, bulk folders etc, copying multiple files simultaneously, doing away with locked files etc. It is very easy to use and even people without a lot of technical knowledge can use this software program with a lot of convenience, without any assistance from anybody, and benefiting from its useful features.

About DxSoft, Inc
A reputed software program developer based in CA, DxSoft Inc is known for its top-of-the-line software tools that can easily deal with various issues experienced by PC users around the world.

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