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Team.i Holds Its Premier Position in the Education Industry during COVID Times

2024-07-12 01:54:29 Education


Bangalore, 11th March 2021: Team.i, the premier Entertainment and Media Institute, based in Bangalore, establishes a new milestone in the higher studies segment by continuing the learning program even during the most-distressed COVID pandemic times of the decade. Team.i has redesigned its all courses in the shortest time to support advanced learning systems of AR (Augmented Reality) and (Virtual Reality).

Team.i is the true path-breaker in bringing a new golden era in the event management domain. The leading institute has provided event management education to over 3000 students and nurtured even many more successful event managers over the years through team.i Courses, team.i Bootcamps, team.i Event Edu Series, and numerous other

Team.i has become the pioneer and the authority in the field of Event Management. For years, the perfect learning curricula for studying ?Event Management and Media? was missing in the higher education segment. Team.i with its prudence and practical experience, collaborated with the legendary DNA Networks to provide comprehensive and practical Event Management Education to students and industry trainees. Team.i?s tie-up with DNA Networks has brought-in real-world capabilities that no other institute possesses.

Team.i has been providing MBA & diploma courses in Digital Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Event Management and Public Relation, since its inception. The legacy of Arvind Jyot Sabhaney ? ?an avid Event Management Specialist? - addresses the necessities of one of the most transformative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and the world ? Events, Media, and entertainment.

In the words of the golden orator, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, Chairman and CEO of Team.i, ?India has taken strides in the past decade and we are becoming the pioneers in various fields. My vision is to put India at the epitome in the field of event management and media as well. Through, team.i, along with industry experts as trainers, advanced technological interventions, and a world-class education system; we have been nurturing and developing highly-talented, industry-specific personnel for the past decade, for the event management industry.?

He furthers his words taking a strong stand on the pandemic situation like COVID-19 and says, ?Even when the tough times of COVID pandemic ceased all work and education during the lockdown; team.i was one such institution that stepped up and geared with the most advanced tech to reach out to its learners and continued the world-class education for its students. I am honored that we didn?t give in, we have proudly won!?

Team.i?s proximity, experience, and understanding of the industry enable the institute to envision and implement a structured, qualitative, educational offering that makes the students industry-ready by providing them with extraordinary opportunities and exposure. All the courses offered by team.i are crafted with strategically-curated syllabi, the industry partners interact with students in various training and mentoring program. Such a unique learning module is only available with team.i and its array of focused industry learning programs.

About Team.I

Team.i, the premier Entertainment and Media Institute, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, is focused on providing education in the fields of Event Management, Media Technology, Entertainment Technology & Craft, and Digital Technologies. Team.i has provided event management education to over 2000+ successful event managers over the years. This premier institute?s tie-up with DNA Networks brings in real-world capabilities that no other institute can offer in India.

User :- Nitesh Sharma


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