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EssayUSA Recently Launched New and Effective Word Count Tool

2024-04-14 08:27:16 Education


EssayUSA is a trustworthy writing service providing academic help to students. The company has developed a helpful word count tool Charcounter. Students, writers, editors, and even bloggers can essentially benefit from this tool as it counts characters, letters, words, and paragraphs. If a writer has to write a paper of the required size, they can quickly check the length of their text. Besides, this tool allows a user to find out how many words in a sentence to write and shorten it to improve text readability.

How It Works

Excellent writing is important, and the team of EssayUSA aims to help students cope with the most complicated assignments during their academic years. Writers of this essay writing service specialize in different fields and write papers of any complexity level. Besides, EssayUSA allows users to use its online tools for free, including Charcounter. You just have to copy your article and paste it into the text box. The tool will show the number of words, letters, paragraphs, and characters with and without spaces. The result won?t make you wait for too long as Charcounter generates the report immediately. This online word counter works with different languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, German, and many more.

Who Should Use the EssayUSA Word Counter?

If you are a student, it?s important to follow the professor?s requirements and provide a paper of proper size. You can use the EssayUSA word counter to find out how many words are in a paragraph or an entire essay. Besides, you can improve the readability of your text. As the tool shows a number of letters, you can check how many short and long words you?ve used. As you know, long words are difficult to read and understand sometimes. You can replace a long word with a synonym to improve your text.

Bloggers and digital marketers will benefit from using this online word counter too. Since social media platforms allow users to write posts with a limited number of characters, it?s necessary to make sure whether your text won?t be cut. Moreover, digital specialists will have to identify the most important information and write meaningful, short messages. You can use the EssayUSA word count tool to figure out whether your post doesn?t exceed the character limit.
Here are the post requirements of the most popular social media platforms:
● Facebook - 63 206 characters.
● LinkedIn - 1 300 characters.
● Instagram - 2 200 characters.
● Twitter - 280 characters.
● Youtube - 5 000 characters.

The number of words, letters, and characters is important in the digital world because websites, social media platforms, and blogging sites require writers to stick to their requirements. Usually, these parameters are set due to consumer research results showing the tendencies for reading. Researchers identify an ideal word count by defining the correlation between the text length and the number of shares. Word count limit on social media platforms helps bloggers and marketers create readable, engaging content.

SEO specialists will also highly value the EssayUSA word count tool. An ideal word count plays an essential role in Google ranking. Besides, a specialist needs to know the article or page word count because many website builder platforms have the preferred text size limit. Even if you know how to find words on a page, you won?t count letters, characters, or words without a helpful tool. Charcounter is an effective online tool that can help you present articles with an ideal word count and keep your page Google ranking high.

Scholars, students, and writers have to follow the provided requirements when they write papers. But even if they don?t get instructions concerning an article length, they have to remember that lengthy papers are tricky ones. A writer wants to show the knowledge of a subject, but they often add unnecessary details and provide excessive information. So, you?ll need to know the word count of your article whether you have text size requirements or not. The EssayUSA word count tool will help you find out how many words is 1000 characters with and without spaces. If your article is too lengthy, you should read it again and remove some of the represented ideas.

About EssayUSA

EssayUSA provides professional writing help to scholars and students in different disciplines. They provide customers with a range of essays, from research papers to dissertations. EssayUSA hires professors and teachers to deliver top-notch papers on different topics. The team of the service counts more than 1400 writers, so every customer will find competent assistance at this company.

On-time delivery and high quality is the priority for the company. Managers of the service process orders instantly and assign writers as quickly as possible. Writers and editors are working fast to deliver papers within the required time frame. The minimal deadline is 8 hours.

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