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We The Young has launched #BeyondWomensDay campaign on Women\'s Day

2022-09-27 08:01:48 Miscellaneous


We, The Young, are a generation that refuse to fit into set moulds and are determined to break free. The women of our generation are on a similar quest.

Along the course of covering over 500 women centric stories over the past two years, we’ve realised that New Age Women have a lot to say and a lot to redefine. Women of our generation are fearless and free: free to love, free to desire, free to work, free to raise their voice, free to make mistakes and free to shed judgements. Women have adjusted to the society’s way of working for way to long and now New Age Women are here to turn the tables around.

#GoBeyondWomensDay is We The Young’s initiative to appreciate these voices, these fights and these triumphs. The campaign is estimated to reach close to a million digital users and aims to foster a collective sense of new age womanhood, one that’s fuelled by individuality and resilience. This is the start of a revolution that runs beyond women’s day; it’s the start of conversations around acceptance, embracement, freedom- everything that we, the young, intend to carry till the finish line.

During the course of this initiative, we’ll be amplifying voices of these struggles, sharing stories of strength and bringing conversations about what matters to #NewAgeWomen to the forefront. Elements of this campaign include video stories, opinion pieces, digital community sessions and interactive posts.

Dr TrinetraHaldarGummaraju:
Karnataka’s first trans woman doctor

“I was assigned male at birth but I have always been a woman. Reproductive anatomy can’t determine who’s a woman and who’s not. It’s something way personal and deeper than that.

Ariana Gupta
18 year old feminist author

“Growing up, I always heard stories where a Prince Charming would come and save a helpless princess. I refuse to give into the narrative that women need to be saved. So I went on to write my own version of feminist fairytales where the female characters were self relient.”

Saloni Gaur
Digital Content Creator

“People often comment on my videos saying ‘oh wow, you’re a woman AND you’re funny? So cool.’ But how is that a compliment? Not all women are funny just like not all men are funny. Why do we have to bring gender in comedy or any skill for that matter?”

Ninja Singh

“I want people to look at Indian models as more than just our skin colour. I want to celebrate our confidence, our resilience and revolutionise the fashion industry with this approach.”

Muskan Jattana

“I hear people say that women are now being allowed everything so why do we still need women empowerment? I want them to understand that ‘allowing’ a woman something is not liberation, letting her make that choice is.”

Risha Ganguly

“I’ve grown up seeing my educated mom asking my brother to stay away from kitchen chores and asking me to do them instead. It’s not about me not wanting to work, it’s about me flagging that casual sexism. I’m determined to help her unlearn it.”

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Mobile:- +91 9999709244


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