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Home interior decoration from design to home renovation By Greenhouse Decor

2024-06-13 12:38:54 Design


When we talk about home interior decoration, we mean how to choose the furniture and the type of arrangement of different parts of the house, including: living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom and toilet service. Due to the attractiveness and pervasiveness of interior design, decoration design is no longer specific to residential houses. Its rules apply to workplaces, offices, shops, hospitals, shops, hotels and other spaces.

Living room interior decoration

Moving to a new home is always exciting and fun for a single person. But sometimes how to arrange home decoration becomes a concern for the people of that house, especially the housewife. You need to decide how to arrange your equipment in the new environment and space that you see to create a suitable space. And design your home decoration in a way that reflects your personality, feelings and tastes.

Home furniture arrangement guide

In addition to the principles of choosing the right color, texture, home decor style and objects to suit the style you choose. A set of principles based on mathematical principles has simple formulas that if you learn it. You can create a beautiful style in accordance with the space you have and avoid turning your home into an environment where only objects are placed together in a disproportionate way. Showrooms and online furniture stores such as Greenhouse Decor which manufactures and designs plant stand and custom furniture can be very helpful in guiding how to arrange home furnishings.

The meaning and concept of home interior decoration

One of the main principles of home decoration design is that you should never start buying furniture to decorate your home. It is better to postpone the purchase of furniture until after the bulk purchase of the required accessories. Because maybe what you see in the store and what catches your eye is too big or too small for your home.

Suppose you buy pink furniture that looks very nice in the store and take it home. Now you have to design the layout of the house according to it. The idea that you start designing your home decor with furniture because the space is empty will only lead to the next wrong choices. The best thing to do is to start decorating your home and buying the accessories you need for it from your bedroom and office, then come to the reception and decide on the components you need.

Proper measurement will help you choose the right items, including furniture, curtains, cupboards and. Carry a size book for all purchases. If there is a sudden indentation or even bulge somewhere in your space or they are not completely square or rectangular and the whole of them is out of the ordinary. All you have to do is choose and buy the equipment you need by considering all these items.

The decision of this section is the determining factor for your next steps and there is no right or wrong answer. After this decision, you can do the basic decoration of your home.

Rooms can be traditional, modern, formal or relaxed, and visually the warm color used in their design can be warm or cool. To do this, it is better to consider your dream home, as you have always imagined and liked in your mind. You should also pay attention to the number of family members who are going to live with you and the children.

For example, a person whose house always hosts parties and celebrations should have a box house that works at home and needs more comfort. Therefore, considering a large hall and more furniture for the first case and allocating one of the rooms to the office for the second is something that cannot be ignored.

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