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Award-Winning Author Ramzi Najjar Introduces The Latest Book That Change the Perception of Life

2021-03-01 04:12:28 Art & Entertainment


"The YOU beyond you" book is a compilation of the knowledge and perception of the Author, Ramzi Najjar. The book is a life secret and offers solutions to find the true potential of ourselves in relation with natural forces.

Award-Winning Author Ramzi Najjar introduces a good reading book that motivates readers and improves their life in 2021. The book entitled "The YOU beyond you" The Knowledge of The Willing is available on Amazon and other online book sellers. This Award-Winning book is a new vision drawn from the author's experience of how life mechanisms work between mind, body, and environment. Author Ramzi Najjar explained that his new book was started from daily notes of his personal life experience, realization in life, and contemplation of life for a long time period. He then applied it to daily meditation and evolved into a way of life on a strong bond with the forces that shape life and reality.

"The YOU beyond you" book gives detailed explanations on how a multitude of habits pollutes our bodies, ways to overcome thoughts and ideas that frame our minds, ways to eliminate factors that destroy mental peace, learn and experience the real secrets of life and understand how they work, reach spiritual awakening, and many more. It has 145 pages and is available in Kindle and paperback. The book also includes some quotes to motivate the readers, such as: "You become what you perceive...and what you permit to enter your body," and "Our failure determines our persistence."

"YOU Beyond You, The Knowledge of The Willing is philosophical and practical advice from an experienced author on enlightenment and self-improvement. The author combines his personal experiences and spiritual theories for a uniquely inspiring read." - A Happy reader testified about the "YOU Beyond You" book.

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About the Author

Ramzi Najjar is an Award-Winning Author. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1978. Ramzi Najjar graduated from Louise Wegmann College. He then obtained his BA in Political Science and Public Administration from The American University of Beirut. His latest book "The YOU beyond you" The Knowledge of The Willing has achieved Literary Titan's Silver Award for Best Book on December 5, 2020, and Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for The Best Body/Mind/Spirit Book on December 15, 2020. With his new writing, Ramzi wants to encourage people to stay focused when achieving goals and be stubborn when attacked from all sides, whether by people, unpredictable events, or problems. For more information about Ramzi Najjar, please visit

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