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Aqua Kent Singapore Shares the differences between Tank Vs. Tankless Water Dispensers

2024-03-01 05:39:23 Home and Family


Singapore, Feb 21: Aqua Kent Singapore is a leading water dispenser company that offers a wide range of water dispensers & purifiers in Singapore. The company has shared the vital difference between tank vs. tankless water dispensers for its consumers in Singapore.

Aqua Kent Singapore offers a water dispenser with and without tanks. . Both dispensers have their merits. The company decided to clarify the difference between a water dispenser with tanks and dispensers that are tankless.

The company indicated that water dispenser with tanks has heating & cooling systems that heat up and cool down the storage water. These tanks are made of SS304 stainless steel to prevent rust. This water dispenser gives you instant hot and cool water that is long-lasting & durable, and helps reduce your monthly electrical bill. It doesn't work continuously and thus, saves electricity.

On the other hand, the tankless water dispenser - dispenser without tank is designed mainly for the kitchen layout and provides purified hot & cold water. The tankless water dispenser is designed to save spacing. That is why a water dispenser with no hot or cold storage tanks delivers purified water, and helps you protect from harmful viruses and bacteria. The dispenser's width comes down to 13cm to 20cm, which is considered to be super slim as compared to the water dispenser with tanks.

Heating and cooling water tanks are replaced with heating & cooling modules. You can have chilled water instantly, and can also heat water in seconds to your desired temperature, whether it ranges to 45?C, 75?C, or 85?C.

Aqua Kent Singapore provide the best water dispensers, water filtration systems, purifiers & water coolers. The company aims to provide top-notch RO purifiers & water dispensers without compromising quality at affordable price. Aqua Kent Singapore supply to households, offices, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, salons and many premises around Singapore.

To get in touch with them, please visit their website, call at +65-97377049, or mail at

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