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One Shot Survival Releases Survival Guidance for Water Shortage

2022-07-02 06:29:51 Blogging & Social Media


People can live without food for weeks, but the body can't survive without water for only three days. Christopher Waters teaches on his blog One Shot Survival, how to survive a water shortage.

Water is an essential substance for human life. Up to 60% of the adult body contains water. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the human body, including the brain. Without enough water, the human kidney uses more energy and wears on the tissue. Human kidneys need to function properly to flush out waste from the blood. Eventually, human kidneys and other organs will stop functioning without enough water intake. Christopher Waters, an author and survival trainer, explained, "Clean and freshwater is an essential ingredient for human life. Around 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water. Moreover, 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. We have to maintain water availability in our homes, some natural events could cause water scarcity, that's why we should prepare for water shortage, and I have written a good article on how do we prepare for a water shortage."

Nowadays, people live in an era where clean water availability is the most important thing. Some areas in the world experience drought and access to clean water is not an easy task. People who live in cities are also not necessarily free from the threat of water shortages. Christopher Waters explained, "Some causes and events could cause water shortage, they include drought causes lack of water in general, natural disasters like hurricanes can burst regional water pipes and contaminates the water, and unchecked construction & mining can affect the local water supply. If those happen in the area where we live, certainly we can experience water shortage."

One Shot Survival is a blog that teaches people to overcome water shortage with simple steps. The blog shares some useful drought survival tips to overcome water shortages that can happen anytime. Chris and One Shot Survival blog team teaches the cause of the scarcity of clean water, what happens when people consume contaminated water, how to get clean water, and other useful tips for surviving from drought.

About One Shot Survival

One Shot Survival is a survival training blog that teaches people about survival training, including fire evacuation, food shortage, drought training, and many more. The blog teaches people all the scenarios to be prepared in any disaster situation, keeps them confident and safe from dangerous situations. For more information about the survival advice from any disaster situations, please visit

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