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New IoT Data Platform Changing the Face of Factories Worldwide

2021-01-21 07:18:47 Technology


Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra, January 5, 2021: The industrial world is experiencing a digital revolution and IoT is making a considerable change over the last few decades. By keeping this in mind hIOTron presents a guide on how IoT is changing the face of factories worldwide.

As industrial efficiencies, cost-saving estimations and new technologies are unveiled; factories are now an explicit test space for new innovation.

Yet, with the developments in machines via program and logic controllers the structure of fewer breakdowns has transformed.

Apart from tracking and monitoring abilities, machine learning and other analytics approaches can be tiered to enhance and make sense of the data communicated by the sensors.

Hence these industries notice the importance of recognizing the potential failures, their occurrence and significance. For resolving this issue, industries now utilize machine learning for quicker and smarter data-driven decisions.

With device-level energy utilization data, manufacturers minimize their consumption and, hence, their energy spends. The automated aggregation, benchmarking and insights allow decision-makers to react rapidly and make better, more profit-strategic decisions.

IoT systems can use advanced robotics technology to accelerate assembly line operations, regulate component creation, minimize product errors, product waste as well as automate QA processes.

Position and movement data from these trackers can be utilized to recognize not only where inventory is placed, but also whether the inventory space is being utilized effectively.

The wireless network of smart sensors and devices can catch data throughout a plant and recognize when, where and how downtime can be reduced.

These unprecedented times call for the utilization of new technologies, where employee health in the factory is of prime concern.

IoT devices help to implement contactless systems to compose your facility for beginning in light of COVID-19, keeping employee safety by analyzing sanitization and hygiene practices, track adherence to mask-wearing rules and optimize your workplace to keep a specific distance between team members.

In addition to productivity gains, inventory optimization minimized maintenance costs and increased employee safety, IoT systems can support compliance on several fronts and can allow organizations to generate new KPIs that weren’t previously available.

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