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Christmas tree made of recycled waste finds pride of place at The Resort

2024-05-25 11:14:57 Miscellaneous


With Christmas right here and places across the city shining with thousands of lights, there are some who have preferred to make this year special in their own way.

The Resort Mumbai believes that everything?s better when it is for a cause! Small changes can make all the difference in reducing environmental footprint during the festive break.

With this thought, The Resort came up with a unique theme of using recycled items to put together the Christmas tree this year. With the intention of sending out a message of conserving nature, staff at the property used recycled material to create some fantastic festive display.

The tree has been put together using materials and items that would most certainly have been viewed as junk. Most of the decorations are made using old tyres and other reused items. Working with the theme ?Best from waste?, staff put together the tree and managed to give the property a magical festive makeover that is also highly eco-friendly.

While the tree is the pi?ce de resistance, the staff at The Resort also came up with the fun idea of painting all the glasses of the windows with various themes related to Christmas.

User :- Rosilian Raja


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