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Slanker Grass Fed Meat is back with their Christmas Gift Certificates with Amazing Meat Value Packs

2022-12-06 04:31:28 Miscellaneous


It’s Christmas Season and amidst the festive vibes, everyone is looking out for planning their Christmas treats and getting gifts for their near and dear ones. Slanker Grass Fed Meat is here with an amazing gift option in the form of their Gift Certificates that offer amazing meat value packs.

Powderly, Texas: Amidst the festivities of Christmas, people are excited on planning their Christmas treats and gifts even during a pandemic situation. Where this pandemic has forced everyone to stay apart, festivals like Christmas are a time that everyone is able to get closer and spread love while spending time with friends and relatives.

As people plan for these festivities and treats, Slanker Grass Fed Meat has come with amazing gift certificates for all in an attempt to make everyone’s Christmas happier and healthier. The gift certificates from Slanker offer great meat value packs that include a rich variety of grass fed beef and omega 3 meats.

Talking about their gift certificates, Ted Slanker, Founder of Slanker Grass Fed Meat said, “The Meat Value Packs you get through our gift certificates make up for very nice Christmas gifts. You can customize the gift certificates as well to add your personal touch to the gifts and present your loved ones with the healthiest and most delicious meats ever.”

With these gift certificates, Slankers is also stocked with all the seasonal favorites like Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin Filets, Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin Roasts, Grass-Fed Beef Standing Rib Roasts, Omega-3 Spiral Cut Hams, Whole Smoked Omega-3 Hams, Omega-3 Roaster Chickens, Omega-3 Chicken Wings, Grass-Fed Leg of Lamb, Grass-Fed Beef Summer Sausage, and, of course, Omega-3 Turkeys.

You can order your gift certificates by reaching out to Slankers on their mail, and they will email you the certificates in the form of PDF file on the same date you order them. You can then print them and give them out to your friends and relatives, not just for Christmas, but for every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, you name it, and the gift certificates are there.

With all the value that these gift certificates give, these are something new and unique for your Christmas gifting!

About Company

Slanker Grass Fed Meat is a US based meat ranch store engaged in the production and supply of grass fed meats and omega 3 meats. They have been operating since 1999 and are one of the earliest suppliers of these healthier variety of meats. They have a great variety of good quality grass fed meats that they deliver fresh at your home in any state in the USA. Not only do they have the best quality and healthiest meats at affordable prices, but they also offer perks like free delivery and deep discounts on their products which make their meats more reasonable and worth having.


Contact Information

Ted Slanker
Founder, Slanker Grass Fed Meat

903-732-GOLD (4653)

Company :-Slanker Grass-Fed Meat

User :- Ted Slanker


Phone :-903-732-465

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