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Easy-to-use & Full-Featured Logo Design App, Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator

2024-07-14 03:41:42 Design


The Drawtify team has released an "Easy to use & Full-featured" logo design app, Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator. It has almost no learning curve, and provides many built-in editable logo design templates and animation design templates. Therefore, it can not only help beginners become excellent logo creators and animators, but also help experienced logo designers complete logo design and animation design tasks more easily.
Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator is currently the latest logo design App in the Apple App Store. It suits all. Of course, it also has a Windows version. Start it. Easily create your own business vector logos, animated logos, animated banners. And save cost and time.

Competitive Advantages
Drawtify Logo Maker & Animation is suitable for any industry, brand, interest and scene.
1.Built-in hundreds of Editable Logo Design Templates. Including Text Logo, Graphic Logo, Animated logo (icons, banners).
2.Built-in intuitive animation tools. Including 27 basic action presets, 14 text action presets, real-time preview animation.
3.Built-in easy-to-use 100% Vector Editor. Including Pen, Pencil, and Boolean Operation.
4.Built-in artistic printing tools. Including converting text into a path, typesetting along the path, text graphics, etc.
5.Built-in rich Special Effects Tools. Including Node Filter (Shadow, Inner shadow, Reflect, Glow, Inner Glow, Blur, Hue, Light, Torn, Emboss, Splash), Blending Mode, Image Filter, and powerful 3D effects.
6.Built-in complete Color Filling Tool. Including color, gradient, texture, and image for Fill & Stroke, and 200+ color schemes.
7.Built-in 9 basic shapes and 20K+ icon, shape libraries.
8.Unlimited Layer List.
9.Supports quick import of JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG format pictures.
10.Layer order adjustment and complete Layout function.
11.Support real-time Preview.
12.Real-time Save and editing again.
13.High-quality Output in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG formats.
14.SVG, GIF, APNG, Video format Output Animation.
15.Direct Printing.

Reasonable price and good value for money.
It is only $29.99, which is equivalent to the price of a few cups of coffee. However, it is a fully functional logo design software and animation tool based on vector editing.
In addition, Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator also provides hundreds of editable logo design templates and animation design templates.

For more logo design techniques, please view the

Company :-Drawtify

User :- Kevin Wang


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