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Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney Reviews Controlled Substance Possession

2021-10-15 01:27:52 Legal / Law


Fairfax, Virginia (forpressrelease ) December 21, 2020 - The Fairfax criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Kermit A. Monge recently released a new educational resource that discusses possession of a controlled substance and the repercussions that come with the charge. The new blog is guided by the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Kermit A. Monge who have extensive experience helping clients facing possession charges understand what drugs fall into this category. They hope this information will help readers understand what types of drugs are included in this category and what clients can do if they are charged with this type of possession.

The Law Offices of Kermit A. Monge offer readers some valuable information that helps to explain the details of Schedule 1 controlled substance laws and how those charged can approach this situation. In the article, the attorneys start by explaining which drugs fall under this classification before explaining more details about this topic. They go on to discuss how there are no currently accepted medical uses, how these drugs have a high potential for abuse, and also the lack of safety related to these drugs. They also explain the options that clients have when charged a Schedule 1 possession.

While this new article focuses on explaining the details surrounding Schedule 1 drug possession, Kermit A. Monge's website provides visitors with more information regarding their team, experience, as well as a full list of service offerings. The Law Offices of Kermit A. Monge offer creative legal solutions in the areas of employment visas, student visas, criminal defense, family law, business law, personal injury, and more. The attorneys at Kermit's law firm have a desire to provide personalized, client-centered, and efficient legal representation for every client that they work with.

With the addition of this new article, the Fairfax criminal defense attorneys at Kermit A. Monge's firm hopes that those charged with Schedule 1 possession charges will understand their options and the value of working with their firm. For more information, contact the criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Kermit A. Monge today at 571-559-7229 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 3915 Old Lee Highway Suite 21D in Fairfax, VA 22030.


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