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Which are the Top 10 MBA Specializations in India come 2021?

2021-01-20 03:27:25 Education


A Master of Business Administration is the door to a successful career in the world of business. MBA in India is typically a two-year postgraduate course. However, as you make up your mind to study this program, you will also have to make sure that you choose a specialization of your interest.

There are a plethora of MBA specializations available. Hence, choosing the right one is definitely a task. At the same time, several new management specializations in India are doing the rounds.

Certain MBA specializations in India offer an ample amount of career growth opportunities. If you are planning to pursue the program in India, you’ll surely want to know about the top MBA specializations in India 2021. So let’s break it down together.

Top 10 MBA Specializations in India

Check the list of management specializations in India below:

1. MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is a popular option amongst aspirants. There are various growth opportunities in both the corporate world and the banking sector for those who study financial management. Also, students willing to work as financial managers need to have certain skills such as leadership, supervisory, communication skills, and strategic thinking. They should also have excellent accounting skills to get the calculations done smoothly.

Topics in Finance studies: Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Business Communication, Accounting for Managers, Corporate Finance, etc.

Job Profiles: Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Investment Bankers, Cash Managers, Credit Risk Managers, Bankers, Management Consultants.

2. MBA in Information Technology

With the rise of the digital era, several new industries and domains have come into existence. This has led to the emergence of one of the most important MBA specializations in India.
Through this course, students are trained to manage the planning, designing, and implementation processes required in IT industries. MBA in IT is an excellent option for students coming from an IT background as the career opportunities are immense.

Topics - Information Technology: IT Strategic Planning, IT Project Management, Technology Entrepreneurship, Online Business, etc.

Job Profiles: Project Manager, QA Manager, Information System Manager, ERP Consultant, Business Development Manager.

3. International Business

MBA in International Business mainly focuses on global trading, import/ export, and outsourcing. Unlike other courses, International Business teaches students about how foreign transactions work, legal aspects of different countries, foreign trade policies, and much more. It even involves studies related to the challenges involved in global trade and how to tackle them.

Topics in International Business: Import/ Export Management, International Labour Laws, Foreign Trade Management, Foreign Languages, International Capital Management, etc.

Job Profiles: Finance Manager, Executive Manager, Consultant, Assistant Manager, Operations Manager.

4. Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is another top management specialization in India. Each company requires a Human Resource (HR) Manager, to take care of their human resources. This course teaches you all the skills required for recruitment, training, team building, employee policy, salary, performance updates, and employee health and safety. The job is a perfect fit for those who have great communication skills and can smoothly handle challenges.

Topics involved in Human Resources Management: Human Resource Planning, Fundamental Labour Laws, Fundamentals of Industrial Relations, Wage Determination and Administration, etc.

Job Profiles: Technical Recruiter, Labour Relations Manager, Payroll Specialist, HR Assistant, Human Resources Manager.

5. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics Management is a common requirement for most organizations. The core responsibility of logistics and supply chain managers is to ensure proper management of the products and services. The job demands extreme patience and responsibility despite working under high pressure.

Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Logistics Planning and Strategy, Business Communication, Supply Chain Simulation, Strategic Management, etc.

Job Profiles: Supply Chain Manager, Production Planner, Demand Planner, Expeditor, Supply Chain Consultant.

6. MBA Operations Management

Operations Management involves shop floor or production management. Operations managers are responsible for good and service management as well as the management of people involved. They have to maintain relations with stakeholders and ensure the sustainability of all the required resources. Their key responsibility is to make the organization work without any problem.

Topics involved in MBA in Operations Management: Operations Research, International Logistics, Marketing Management, Materials Management, etc.

Job Profiles: Chief Operating Officer, Service Operator, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager.

7. MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics has gained huge popularity due to the growing demand for data analysts in businesses. Organizations are in constant search of people who understand the importance of data and can analyze it effectively to generate better results.

This management course teaches students how to interpret large amounts of data and analyze them to provide real-world solutions in the favour of the company’s growth.

Topics involved in Business Analytics: Predictive Analysis, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc.

Job Profiles: Data Mining Expert, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst.

8. Marketing

Marketing is another top MBA specialization in India. Marketing professionals need to have outstanding communication skills and should know how to convert the demands of the consumer into products or services. Marketing jobs are often challenging. However, professionals working at top positions do enjoy high salary packages as well.

Topics in Marketing: Consumer Behaviour, Competitive Marketing, Analytical Marketing, Sales Force Management, etc.

Job Profiles: Brand Manager, Product Manager, Digital marketer, Sales manager.

9. Rural Management

India is a vast country consisting of lots of rural regions. Due to constant socio-economic changes and government policies, the demand for people to manage and plan the rural sector has increased.

Through this Rural Management specialization course, students are encouraged to visit rural areas, interact with villagers, and stay with them. This way they can understand their needs and provide them with effective solutions to increase their standard of living.

Topics in Rural Management: Social Entrepreneurship, Microfinance, Agribusiness, Legal Environment, Rural Society and Polity, etc.

Job Profiles: Volunteers, Rural Development Officer, Research Officer, Vendor Development Officer.

10. MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event Management involves studies related to the organization of events like seminars, parties, fairs, exhibitions, etc. Event managers have to identify the target audience, develop themes, communicate with the owners and vendors, project the cost of the event, and ensure successful completion of the event.

Topics in Event Management: Public Relations, Event Coordination, Customer Service, Advertisement, Décor, Crowd Management, etc.

Job Profiles: Event Planner, Wedding Planner, Artist Manager, Public Relations Specialist.

All these MBA specializations in India have loads of growth opportunities. But before you settle down for any one of the top specializations in India, make sure you identify your career goals clearly, so that you can make the most of your management degree.


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