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Virtual HerKey Conclave by JobsForHer witnesses gathering of industry stalwarts

2021-09-28 01:55:49 Events / Trade Shows


10th December, Bangalore: The pandemic may have forced women to rethink their career paths, but it surely hasn’t deterred them from doing what it takes to keep going. Multitasking is perhaps attributed to women by default, but over the last few months, the intensity has just grown manifold.

“If Covid-19 is a test on multitasking, women are thriving”, says Roshni Nadar Malhotra HCL Technologies & Trustee - Shiv Nadar Foundation.

Speaking at the Opening address of The virtual HerKey Conclave last week — an event for globally rising women leaders — went on to talk about the impact that women have and will have on future generations. “Even if I don’t get to see what I’ve put my heart into growing and achieving in my own lifetime, I can still hope that it will create impact and effect change for generations to follow…”

Why is it important?

Because as aspiring women leaders, the goal is to leave a legacy. And to build a legacy, one has to build a strong network of like-minded people.

Before we dig deep, here are some statistics that prove the power of networking according to a 2020 study by LinkedIn:

● 85% of positions are filled through networking.

● 70% of people found a job through connections in a company.

Jacintha Jayachandran, Trustee, The HopeWorks Foundation noted, “What young girls need are role models. So go take that seat and be comfortable.”

And the proof is in the pudding.

In a survey conducted by JobsForHer, out of 1500 women, 18.5% of the respondents said that they’d look for a dedicated, engaged network of senior women to help reach leadership positions, and 94% agreed that there is a need for more networking opportunities for women to grow in their careers.

“JobsForHer and HerKey are at the forefront of the movement (creating opportunities for networking for women)”, said Jossett Mellish the Head-HR at HGS who joined in live from Jamaica.

The conclave was a lot more than just networking. It brought women leaders including the 87-year old Prakashi Tomar, aka Revolver Dadi, from across the globe to connect on a virtual platform, ideate, discuss and share at career-builder workshops conducted in breakout rooms.

Bringing perspectives together was Mamta Chander, Business Consulting Leader, EY GDS: “Women need to ask more for what they want without fear of being judged or rejected. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.”

“Look at your career with a long-sight perspective versus short-sightedly. It will help you make better decisions in the short term and the long term, both personally and professionally.” - Manu Bal, Head - Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs, Beam Suntory India

Speaking about the importance of networking in this day and age, Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, JobsForHer, said “Today, the world has turned to virtual means of connecting, taking networking to a whole new level. Women across the globe are connecting and sharing like never before, forging bonds and creating a powerful network to learn, share and grow together”.

Covering relevant and pressing topics ranging from Overcoming Fears to Wealth Management to Effective Communication, were eminent personalities that added power and inspiration to the event including Hena Mehta and Dipika Jaikishan from Basis, Akshay Nanavati from Fearvana, Ameen Haque and Tanya Bhattacharya from Storywallahs and Allisha Ali from UniqueYou Careers.

While many organizations don't blink an eye to enroll their high-achieving, rising leaders at world-class academic institutions in leadership development programs/courses, there are scores of non-academic clubs & organizations to which rising male leaders throughout history have also sought membership.

These memberships have given them tangible and intangible rewards in their leadership journey like curated, powerful networks, personal-professional branding, personal-professional growth & development, and access to a world of information and inspiration that they would otherwise not have had. “The HerKey Club membership is all this and more for rising women leaders in the world of work” said Schonali Rebello, Head of The HerKey Club.

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