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Drawtify Releases Drawtify Designer Easy-to-use and Full-featured Graphic Design Software

2024-07-15 02:13:23 Design


Drawtify Designer is a brand-new graphic design software for everyone. It is available for Windows and Mac, and a web version of Drawtify Designer Online has also been released.

Importantly, Drawtify Designer is not only a full-featured graphics creation tool, but also has almost no learning curve. Its built-in vector editor, photo editor, animation editor, layout function and typography and special effects tools, and equipped with a large number of design resources and design plug-ins.

Therefore, it can not only be used as a graphic designer's assistant to improve work efficiency, but also provide solutions for everyone to create exquisite graphics and charming animations.

Exciting Design Features
Drawtify Designer has 5 main design functions and 7 extended functions. And supports uploading, downloading, exporting animation and printing in multiple formats.
Importantly, the Drawtify team has optimized all the graphic design features of Drawtify Designer to make it powerful, professional, intuitive and easy to use. Not only can it meet almost all creative needs of graphic designers, but it can also help beginners or non-designers get started easily. E.g:
1. 100% vector editor. Use pens, pencils and complete Boolean operations. Combined with the use of shape tools, anyone can easily create any shape based on 9 basic shapes, and only need to adjust the data.
2. Amazing photo editor. Comes with masks, magic photo frames, image filters and precise cropping.
3. Easy to use animation editor. Built-in 27 basic actions and 14 text actions.
4. Artistic typesetting tools and smart layout. It has hundreds of free fonts, text-to-path and text-to-shape functions based on vector editing and magical artistic typesetting functions. Of course, all elements also have smart layout functions.
5. The canvas can be scaled freely between 10% and 1200%.
6. Built-in node filters, blending modes and other special effects.
7. Built-in unlimited layer list.
8. Built-in 3D effect editor.
9. Has a powerful multi-page editing function.
10. Built-in useful plug-ins. Such as barcodes, QR codes, charts and maps.
11. Built-in rich online resources. Including 1K + design elements, 20K + icon shapes, 1M + high-resolution pictures (thanks to Pixabay, Unsplash), backgrounds and more than 200 color schemes.
12. Support for quickly importing JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG format pictures.
13. Supports high-definition output of graphic content in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG formats. And download the animation in SVG, GIF, APNG, VIDEO (mp4, WebM) format.
14. Support black and white window preview graphic design tasks (including animation playback).
15. Supports direct printing and built-in intuitive printing settings.
In addition, Drawtify Designer Online supports online design. No need to download, just an account can start the amazing graphics creation journey anytime, anywhere. And contains 3K+ high-quality editable design templates, and there is no need to worry about copyright issues. Support automatic saving. Support online storage. It supports permanent online automatic updates.

Competitive Advantage
1. Rich and easy-to-use functions. Suitable for everyone, including non-designers.
2. Huge online resource. Free online resources and high-quality editable design templates.
3. Reasonable price and good value for money. Drawtify Designer 2020 is only $39.99, which is equivalent to the price of a simple graphic editing tool. However, it is a full-featured graphic design software based on vector editing and animation editor. In addition, Drawtify Designer Online users can use it for free forever (only for learning or low-quality output), and upgrading PRO only costs $8.33 per month.

To Learn More?
For more details about Drawtify Designer, Please visit the official website of Drawtify.

About Drawtify
Drawtify is a young graphics software design company. The Drawtify team optimized the powerful design functions and merged many design resources to develop Drawtify Designer. This is a "professional and easy to use" graphic design software. It has a downloadable version for Mac and Windows, and a web version of Drawtify Designer Online. Suitable for graphic designers, editors, brand owners and those who need to create beautiful commercial graphics.

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