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Experts At Adams Care Share A Brief Guide On How To Detect The Main Cause Of Short Cycling In ACs

2021-10-18 12:44:11 Home and Family


Dubai, UAE - NADCA-certified, and leading HVAC service provider, Adams Care shares a brief guide on detecting a few of the leading causes of AC short cycling. According to experts at Adams Care, the most critical sign that hints at an AC short cycling is when the unit stops running before reaching the set temperature.

First of all, if the air conditioner’s air filters are clogged with dirt and debris then the AC system cannot possibly allow the fresh air to go through which will eventually overheat the entire system. Isaac Riego, the marketing manager at Adams Care, went into detail about the short cycling process,

“AC short-cycling occurs when the cooling cycle is shut off before being completed. The cooling cycle starts from when the AC unit is turned on till the time when it reaches the set temperature and the overheating leads to the AC turning off before the cycle ends.”

Frozen evaporator coils are another reason behind an AC short cycling according to Adams Care. It can occur due to a number of mechanical problems. It is important to note that waiting for the coils to defrost is the best course of action in this scenario. Isaac Riego also emphasized,

“If the coils are continuously freezing up then it is recommended to hire handymen services and let them handle this for you. Adams Care professionals will also be able to provide further help with the AC short cycling issue as well.”

Adams Care stresses the fact that if the AC unit is too big for the room then it can be overpowering in such a small space. It is capable of giving out too much cold air and leading to short cycling since it will not be able to complete the cooling cycle.

Low refrigerant levels lead the AC unit into working harder to provide cool air and it can cause malfunctions that could lead to the AC short-cycling as a result. Adams Care caters to different services that can fix the AC’s electrical system issues along with the other causes.

About Adams Care:
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