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New Website for CONSULT® Invoice Automation Software Launched Today

2021-09-28 02:27:21 Computer


Iselin-based Atkku Services LLC today announced the formal launch of an independent website for CONSULT® the renowned software that helps IT staffing companies to automate their billing operations in unison with QuickBooks online. In a press release, the company spokesperson said: “IT staffing companies can leverage the advantages of CONSULT® and QuickBooks without installing any additional software.”

The spokesperson added, “the software will help staffing companies to save up to 5% of the revenue that they lose as a result of inordinate delays and inaccuracies that are inherent to the billing process in this segment. Our current customers are delighted and many have already tried out the solution and are all praise for the big savings opportunity it gives.”

The formal launch of an independent website for CONSULT® gives existing and prospective customers complete details of the product that will help future customers to take advantage of invoicing automation. Currently many IT staffing businesses depend on customized solutions that are too expensive and beyond the reach of most medium and small staffing business enterprises due to the price factor.

Speaking to press persons, Sankar Veeramalai, CEO said that an independent website for CONSULT® had become essential due to the growing needs of the user communities and the large number of accountants and CPAs who are showing keen interest in subscribing to our software. He said, “Our client base has grown enormously; our product is unique and therefore a separate dedicated website has become an essential part of our policy to reach out all over the US.”

The CEO further explained the uniqueness of the website and how it has been made simple and easily navigable. “We examined many models and designs before selecting the current one because it has all the ingredients to give visitors a full picture of how IT staffing executives are already using it for enriching their organization. I particularly recommend visitors to see the section on “features” that explains threadbare about what CONSULT® can do to make their staffing business attain new goals and objectives,” he added.
The website has six menu buttons each segregated according to the content held under each heading. The pricing page gives complete transparent information – it is noteworthy that there is also an always-free plan with reduced features and still useful for a few staff companies.

Readers can visit the website at: or send an email for viewing a free demo before ordering CONSULT®.

Company :-Atkku Services LLC

User :- Sankar Veeramalai


Phone :-7327345736

Url :-


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