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Why Marriage in Denmark Is The Best Choice For Foreign Couples

2021-01-19 09:37:36 Art & Entertainment


Marriage is all about love, not nationality, race or sexual preference. A wedding is a commitment to spend your lives together. Unfortunately, when you are from two different countries, there can be legal issues. This is one of many reasons why foreign marriages in Denmark have become so popular. There are numerous reasons the number of couples getting married in Denmark is increasing every year.

We at Nordic Adventure Weddings are able to help so many couples marry due to the simplicity of the formal requirements and legalities. Danish law allows you to marry in this beautiful country without being residents or living in the country for a specific period of time. Nordic Adventure Weddings will be happy to arrange your wedding in Denmark with just three weeks' notice in any town hall you desire. We are happy to help you with your required documents quickly and easily. Danish law does not believe two people in love should be prevented from getting married.

Danish Laws for Marriage in Denmark

Whether you are marrying a foreigner or are interested in gay marriage in Denmark, we can make the arrangements for a fast, inexpensive and beautiful ceremony. Denmark offers numerous advantages over the other European Union countries. There are very few required documents, your documentation is handled quickly, and the country is hospitable to all different types of marriage. We only require three weeks to arrange everything from your registration to your wedding day.

The Advantages of Getting Married in Denmark

There are a lot of reasons so many foreign couples choose marriage in Denmark. Think of this magnificent country as a European Las Vegas. Denmark welcomes everyone including foreign and LGBT couples with open arms. We can arrange your wedding with no additional charges in just three weeks with no bureaucratic delays. As soon as your ceremony is complete, you will be given your international marriage certificate. Everyone at Nordic Adventure Weddings takes pride in offering you a personal experience.

We are delighted to handle your paperwork, provide transportation from the airport to your accommodations and arrange apostle and photography services. We can arrange a romantic location wedding, customized wedding or an outdoor wedding. Everything is created based on your desires. This is your opportunity to get married in Denmark, enjoy spending time in a new country and experience Scandinavian nature and glorious history. Simply contact us so we can take care of everything.

Your Wedding in Denmark

Your ceremony will be both beautiful and dignified. With advance notice, we can have everything arranged in English, Spanish, German, French and several other languages. All you need to do is ask. You will be married in the location of your choice, say yes and can even exchange rings. You can add your own personal touches such as music, special flowers or write your own vows. Once you have both signed the register along with the registrar and witnesses, you will sign the final paperwork and be officially married.

A wedding in Denmark is ideal if one or both of you are foreigners. We are able to help you get approved and registered by one of Denmark's municipalities. Once you are approved, you are well on your way to being married. One of the simplest marriages we can arrange is in Town Hall. After your wedding, you can stay overnight or for several weeks. We want you to enjoy our country and make incredible memories before you make the return trip home.

Is Getting Married in Denmark Legal

We have been asked numerous times over the years if a wedding in Denmark is legal. The answer is yes. Due to the current laws, your marriage will be 100 percent legal. We will make certain your wedding follows the requirements and laws of Denmark. This is the reason we are here. We are very familiar with the laws of the country. Your Danish marriage certificate will be recognized all over the world. You can even have your marriage certificate translated and authenticated by the apostle.

If you choose, you can use this document once you return home to request a marriage certificate from your country. If you are delaying your marriage due to the rules, laws or regulations of your country, contact us at Nordic Adventure Weddings. Just imagine being married in this gorgeous country in just three weeks with no hassles. We will arrange your wedding according to your specifications. We are here to help.

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