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Living Liquidz Launches a First-of-its-Kind Mobile App

2024-07-13 12:14:14 Technology


Mumbai, November 2020 - Now offering customers a seamless way to shop for their favourite alcohol brands, all via the click of a button, the Living Liquidz app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Through the lockdown, Living Liquidz was a forerunner in home deliveries of alcohol from its wide network of stores, safely to people?s homes. Now, with the launch of this new mobile app, the brand is offering a one-stop, mobile shop for ordering international and local liquors via same-day delivery. What?s more, the app also offers a wealth of knowledge, like a Whiskeypedia, and Wine FAQ?s, as well as services like booking a bartender or sommelier, and shopping for home bar accessories.

?With the festive season in full swing, and celebrations happening as smaller gatherings at home this year, we decided it was the perfect time to launch the Living Liquidz app,? says Moksh Sani, Managing Director, Living Liquidz Pvt. Ltd. ?The trend of entertaining at home is only picking up in popularity and we wanted to ensure that consumers have an easy and safe way to stock up on their favourite alcohol brands, without having to worry about stepping out to a shop.?

Featuring a range of premium alcohol (Indian and domestic), the Living Liquidz app demystifies the process of selecting and purchasing by breaking down the details of each alcohol type. Whiskeys are classified into Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye and so on, while customers can choose wines by region, grape varietal, brand and much more. A Know your Wine section of the app helps users further understand the tasting notes for wines, and how to develop a palate based on the grape type. There is even a selection of sake, for those hankering for the Japanese beverage, as well as Breezers and Cider for those who want to take it a little easier. The app also offers a range of mixers, therefore ensuring that a customer?s entire order is complete and the party can begin as soon as the delivery is done.

User :- Ankita Dey


Mobile:- +91-8210647584

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