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Key features to check before choosing Instagram bots provider

2022-07-02 06:24:28 Blogging & Social Media


Instagram bots can help you grow your followers and influence. Fortunately, there are many automation providers on the market, making it easy to choose Instagram bots that meet your needs. However, because of some changes on Instagram, you may find some bots that cannot provide the expected results or simply malfunction.

As a result, you might be forced to try another bot provider so that you can find the one that works for you. This post explains the key features you need to check before choosing an Instagram bots provider.

Automated activity speeds

Instagram has set limits for the number of times your Instagram account can do an activity, such as like, follow, and comment. These limits include performing an activity within an hour before you can be flagged as spammy.

Therefore, if you’re not aware of these set limits, and you’re automating the activity speeds of your Instagram bot, you can put your Instagram account at risk.

While Instagram keeps these set limits secret from the users, the automation software companies consider this as part of their job to know what these set limits are. In this way, they can ensure that you don’t go over them to prevent losing customers when your account is flagged as spammy.

This is the reason why you should always use the best automation software company to automate your Instagram. Most of these companies have inbuilt activity speeds that are regulated automatically to ensure your Instagram account doesn’t go over these set limits. The bottom line is that software companies that don’t include this functionality are not putting enough effort to keep your account safe from flagging.

Instagram can also flag spammy your account through the IP addresses. They can sometimes prevent some accounts from taking actions, such as follows and likes. This is because automation services that log in to your account may be using a location and IP address that is different from yours.

Here is the deal: if you use your phone regularly when you have an automation service that is interacting from a different IP, Instagram is likely going to flag you. Therefore, your automation service provider needs to offer a unique proxy once you sign up to avoiding flagging by Instagram.

A reliable team with great customer support

If you know what you’re doing, it can be easy to start an Instagram automation software company. No wonder, you can find various software companies on the market with some going under all the time. Your information can sometimes be at risk when you choose a new software company that may close its doors within a few months into use.

Hence, make sure you choose the best Instagram bots, such as Social Meep that have a long and proven track record on the market. Besides, the software provider should have a responsive and trustworthy customer service team. If the software provider doesn’t provide personalized services, they may likely fail to offer solutions to issues that may arise down the line.


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