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Aventeon Has Introduced Logistics.ONE Software For Smooth Logistics Management Services

2024-03-02 10:54:52 Miscellaneous


The user-friendly, flexible and multilingual Logistics.ONE software presents, registers and communicates all relevant information to and from your drivers.
Excellent Last Mile support, knowing the exact location of your shipments, uniform processes, highest percentage successful first deliveries, save time and money on communication, Management By Exception, process optimization, going ahead of competition, "Always On", knowing what happens outside your vehicles and make the delivery-man your principal's business card are various objectives which are realized by using the Logistics.ONE software.
The Logistics.ONE solution guarantees proven, highly effective functionalities which are currently operational at customer sites of successful companies successfully active within markets such as Package Delivery, Web-store Delivery, Wholesale, Retail Distribution, Two Man Handling and fine-meshed distribution.
Some example usage scenarios;
-Taking pictures of the goods and location and marking damages.
-Calling the consignee 30 minutes before the estimated time of arrival.
-Barcode scanning of delivered and picked up goods.
-Guiding the user in goods placement and installation.
Logistics.ONE GO may collect the following information;
GPS location
The location of the device is shared only when Logistics.ONE is active. This location will be shared with the Logistics.ONE server. Depending on the used centralized modules and external systems by the Logistics.ONE Customer (The Logistics service provider), this information can be shared with the planning department and customer service
Phone calls
If correctly configured, telephone call duration to and from phone numbers listed in the active tour can be registered.
This information is helpful in monitoring customer contact by the user.
If correctly configured, Logistics.ONE can use the camera for taking pictures of goods and or delivery- or pickup locations and other objects surrounding the user.
Logistics.ONE requires the storage permission only for specific Logistics.ONE support and installation purposes and will not read or collect non-Logistics.ONE data via this permission.
Logistics.ONE is a business to business application. If you have questions about Logistics.ONE, please contact your employer or contractor.
If you have got a fantastic idea about for improving our product, you can always sent an email to
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8102 HR Raalte
The Netherlands
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