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WeCutFoam Now Expanding its Services Using Materials Beyond Foam - Designing and Fabricating Concrete Products

2024-07-19 03:24:36 Design


WeCutFoam creates and fabricates foam, wood and plastics products, including outdoor and indoor signs, monuments, company logos, stage and events dimensional letters, movie sets, theme parks props, museum exhibits, weddings and events props and d?cor, trade show booths displays, prototypes and much more. Recently, the company teamed up With WetStone to add precision cast concrete to it repertoire of materials and products, and is happy to announce this service expansion to its long-time loyal customers.
By adding concrete material, the company broadened its products offered to its customers, to now also include fire pits, planters, fountains and water fixtures, benches, tables, chairs and other furniture, all for interior and exterior settings. There is also possibility of combining wood with concrete and other materials, creating a statement modern feature that is aesthetical, functional and custom-made.
The company designs the concrete feature for the customer using 3D CAD software, or cuts and machine using the customer?s already made design. The concrete furniture can be to any shape desired ? square, rectangular, round, elliptical, with sharp edges or round ones. They can be made to any height and size with any walls thickness and painted in any color.
WeCutFoam uses CNC hot wire foam cutting machinery and CNC routers designed by its mother company, Foamlinx LLC. The company cuts the EPS foam mold (also known as Styrofoam) to the desired shape, creating the inner and outer walls layers, then the concrete is being poured onto the mold creating the cavity and desired shape.
WeCutFoam works with large variety of materials to produce products, include almost any type of foam, acrylics, PVC, Plexiglass, Sintra, wood and aluminum. The addition of concrete to the materials selection enables the company to offer its customers additional modern designs and products as well as to broaden its customers circle to include not only companies, industrial and commercial, but residential environment as well.
Joseph Rohman, the company?s lead designer and production manager stated ?We already have vast experience working with foam, plastics and wood. Therefore, we can offer something very unique to our customers, and that is a combination of different types of materials in one neat and clean design, making it super modern? Joseph continued to say that we can fabricate a bench that is also a planter for example, by connecting wood between 2 concrete planters, the design possibilities are endless.
For more information on WeCutFoam, visit email or calll 408-454-6163 / Toll Free 866-664-9311

About WeCutFoam
WeCutFoam specializes in custom cutting shapes out of foam, wood, plastics and concrete. The company creates props for movie sets and theaters, dimensional signs, stage letters, logos, architectural facades, museum exhibits, trade shows displays, prototypes, sculptures, planters, fire pits, water fixtures, furniture and more. Projects created can be from few inches to full scale 3D shapes like race cars, planes, boats, benches and props up to 20' long and more.

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