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EmpMonitor Introduces Latest Update On Monitoring Solution

2024-03-02 01:30:38 Technology


The new version involves all the major improvements, updates, and bugs that enhance the overall authenticity of the software and provides the best ever experience.

What's New In EmpMonitor?

Latest updates:

1)Project and Task management
2)Watchdog Service
3)Silent installation
4)Fetching LDAP data
5)Stealth mode
6)Agent setup for Linux os


1) Issue fixed in "fixed tracking"
2)Auto delete log file issue corrected

The updated version of EmpMonitor is available on

EmpMonitor is a leading employee management software that helps improve the overall company's productivity. With ever-evolving technology, our platform is continuously breaking new ground, with a long history of helping businesses boost efficiency while maintaining respectful employee tracking. Our ultimate objective remains to provide a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective service to our valued clients.

?EmpMonitor has been exceptional in providing regular insights into our employees? productivity. In our endeavour to improve the productivity of our employees and improve our organization output, we deployed it on all of our employees? systems, which proved to be a boon for us. As it helped us streamline the workforce distribution and reduce the load on one employee. While using EmpMonitor, we saw positive results within a week.? Said By Our client company?s chief spokesperson.

About EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor is a renowned software for employee management and productivity tracking. In less time, the company has gained overwhelming popularity among different niches of business. Get more information over the website -

Contact Information -

Company Name - EmpMonitor
Full Address: Lakshya Towers, 2nd Floor No. 16, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Phone: +91 74 0631 7771

Company :-EmpMonitor

User :- EmpMonitor Team


Mobile:- +91 74 0631 7771

Url :-

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