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hIOTron Introduces IoT Enabled Bus Seat Occupancy Detection System

2020-10-21 05:26:54 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, September 26, 2020:The IoT extends to all aspects of transportation systems. With the help of this technology, hIOTron developed a seat occupancy detection system that detects how many seats are occupied throughout the entire traveling along with their location.

It is difficult for bus owners to track and recognize the unofficial pickups without their knowledge and record which will tend to the inconvenience for existing passengers and sometimes this activity delays their journey as well along with money theft.

To overcome this concern bus owners can utilize a smart seat occupancy detection system in their buses by which they not only gain the occupancy details of the bus seats remotely but also the precise bus location, the total number of bus pickup/drops, bus stop points, number of passengers left all over the whole bus journey and much more.

Benefits of Smart bus seat occupancy detection system

With seat occupancy detection, user can easily analyze the occupancy status and show data at the next stop or in the app in real-time and transferred to the upcoming stops or to the app. That will assist to save time for unwanted stops.

With the help of real Time seat occupancy record, it will not misplace money for unofficial pickup done by bus drivers. It will help to make the record with each bus.

It will analyze all records with a single dashboard and mobile App. It has an inbuilt storage facility which will help to store data locally when even there is a network outage and drive to the cloud when back in the network.


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