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A new fashion portal launched by women for women

2022-08-09 03:45:40 Lifestyle


Founded by 3 Comp Labs India Private Limited, the main aim of Affordly is to deliver premium quality products at your doorstep without drilling a hole in your pocket. It comprises a dedicated team of professionals who constantly keep coming up with ideas to further nurture the growth of the brand. They are consistently focused on research, product creation and manufacturing as well as sourcing of goods with a goal to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. Their tagline is “for women, by women”, and not just the entrepreneurs but also the packers and ground staff are women, together they are a strong team and feel deeply humbled to be able to provide a platform where women can browse through a diverse range of ethnic wear products. Indian traditional wear increasingly enhances the grace of a woman and Affordly takes pride in taking forward the vibrant legacy of Indian fashion and craft. They have a range of products for different occasions ranging from dazzling party wear collection that will leave you mesmerized with their sheer elegance and beauty to heavy embroidered suits, the beautiful saree collection, kundan sets, accessories and much more at affordable rates.

Affordly also has a daily wear collection consisting of kurtasets, kurtis, dresses, boho jewellery and accessories, all designed by keeping both the comfort and style in mind. The fabrics used are of exceptional quality and ideal for homemakers as well as professional women.

Giving back to the society through, employment generation, creativity and affordability of the products are the fundamentals of this start up. Affordly aspires to generate employment for the indigenous women artisans whose creativity knows no bounds. After all they are the backbone of India’s non-farm rural economy engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood.

Online shopping has never been as helpful, lucrative, and safe as it is in the 2020 Covid 19 world. Everyone is scared as the virus is potent, and women prefer to shop from home as it is safer than flocking the markets. Now that the lockdown is being slowly lifted, some people are under the false notion that it is safe for them to carry on their usual pre coronavirus businesses. However, flocking the marketplaces and huddling together without maintaining proper safety measures is still as deadly.

So, the question arises as to how one can buy their desired products without having to put themselves at the risk of contracting this deadly disease, it is here where e-commerce comes to rescue. Even the hardcore offline shoppers seem to be turning to online shopping in these dire times for maintaining the required distance while shopping physically is quite impossible especially while purchasing clothes. People usually tend to select after trying the product and it is here where they face the most risk since the product without doubt must have been touched by a number of previous purchasers.

Affordly provides a range of products and the customers are sure to be left spoilt for choice. The affordable price range, strict privacy policy, and return policy will make the shopping experience even more enjoyable and completely worth it. Affordly also promises to take extra precautions while delivering the products.

With Affordly, make an intelligent choice by turning to hassle free, comfortable, and safe shopping.

About the Founders :

Started by Sisters Bushra, Sadaf & Nida.Ever since they were kids, they always dreamt and actively planned to start a business enterprise one day. They would seriously discuss about company names and things they would like to sell. They always wanted to enter the clothing space but more importantly they had to execute their idea and that’s when Affordly happened. It was Bushra’s idea and she excitedly brought Nida and Sadaf on board. Bushra is the brain behind Affordly whereas Nida is a fashion expert. All of them are admirers of Ethnic fashion. And together they aspire to create a range of beautiful products for their lovely buyers.

Company :-ONE PR

User :- Joshika Kapoor


Mobile:- 9810372021


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