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Financial Literacy Online workshop for women called "Be your own Lakshmi" by awareness expert Shikha Mittal

2021-10-25 06:43:37 Events / Trade Shows


All around the world, people have been losing jobs, taking massive pay cuts, and living off their savings to survive the pandemic. The situation, while grim, is an opportunity to reassess our priorities and rethink how we manage our money and how we can prepare better for a post-COVID world. Most of all, this is when women across the globe need to take a step back and put the spotlight on their personal finances because statistics show how well societies do when women grow, learn and lead.

Driven by the desire to reduce this gender divide and take a big step towards financial inclusion, innovative social enterprise Be.artsy started it's fascinating 'Be Your Own Lakshmi' campaign. With the effective use of art-based programs, it teaches women basic financial concepts and how to manage their personal finances.

Conceived in 2015, Be Your Own Lakshmi has gone online in 2020, exploding . It helps women to understand key financial concepts like inflation,compounding, investments, and savings and leads them to learn more about making their money work for them. These women have, in turn, can go on to successfully plan for unforeseen emergencies, have a cushion for between-jobs gaps, offer support to family and parents, organise retirement funds, and overall, lead more assured lives.

Be Your Own Lakshmi isn’t merely about financial literacy for women. It is about the world of opportunities that unlock when we are empowered with the knowledge of managing finances. Nothing can be more crucial for women who will step into the post-COVID world with its new challenges. Economic independence is the key to reducing gender disparities, and Be Your Own Lakshmi lays a firm foundation for this.

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