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The Third Book Of The Positively Georgia Series To be Released Later In 2020

2022-07-02 05:57:43 Blogging & Social Media


The third installment to the book series Positively Georgia will be published and released in market for sale by late 2020, the author Elizabeth Ferris announced.

The juvenile fiction series already has two published books under its belt: Positively Georgia: The Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale, which is the first book, and Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief, which is the second book of the series.

The third book is called “Positively Georgia: Chin Up, Pup”. It aims at helping teens, young adults and adults realize their inner potential, build up their self-confidence, and follow their dreams. The Positively Georgia Series was created by Ferris to help teens, young adults and adults deal with the curve-balls of life in an optimistic and hopeful way.

Positively Georgia: Chin Up, Pup - Third Book

The book follows Georgie-Girl, a one-year-old Airedale Terrier, who discovers magical abilities that will help readers transform their thoughts. “Balls—it takes balls to step outside your comfort zone.” This book will show you that with determination, a clear vision of what you want, positive energy, and gratitude, you can be the star of your own life.

In honour of the third book, we go back and summarize the synopsis of the two books previously published.

Positively Georgia: The Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale - First Book

Meet Georgia, a bright-eyed and furry tailed Airedale Terrier with a very positive outlook on life.
Positively Georgia will inspire you to dream and challenge you to remember your unique potential. It will encourage you to focus your good energy and create great things. Share your gifts with the world like Georgia. This book was created to bring positive thoughts to children (and parents) of all ages!

Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief - Second Book

"Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief" aims to help teens and adults deal positively with the loss of a loved one. Georgia is an illustrated Airedale Terrier who is full of energy and inspiring ideas. Always experiencing the world with love and appreciation, Georgia steps readers through a number of ideas and strategies to heal from loss and move on to recover a happy, rewarding life.

The books previously released received stellar reviews on their storyline, illustration, aesthetic, and overall quality, appealing more to a young demographic. Positively Georgia is a feel-good read about a realistic journey and can be enjoyed by all.

You can know more about the books and the author on the author's website

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