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Mali: Colonel Assimi Goita Thanks the King for Morocco's Active Contribution to Resolving the Crisis in Mali

2024-05-25 05:27:16 Politics


The leader of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People in Mali, Colonel Assimi Goita, expressed his thanks to King Mohammed VI for the active contribution of Morocco in the efforts to resolve the crisis in Mali.

Berlin, Germany., September 1, 2020 -- 15 km from Bamako, an audience was granted, at the military camp of Kati, to the Moroccan Ambassador in Mali. During this meeting, Colonel Assimi Goita expressed "his deep gratitude" to the King of Morocco for the active contribution of the Kingdom to resolve the crisis. The leader of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People in Mali recalled, in this regard, that the Ambassador of Morocco was the first diplomat to make contact with the new authorities on August 20th. Colonel Assimi Goita also welcomed the long-standing relations and the fruitful partnership between the two countries.

The two parties took the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in Mali following the events that took place in Aug. 18. Colonel Assimi Goita informed the Moroccan diplomat about the measures taken to calm the situation. He also assured that the political transition will be discussed between the different components of the Malian society.

The new Malian leader?s appreciation for Morocco?s efforts in Mali comes after the Kingdom?s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for a ?peaceful civil transition, allowing a rapid and supervised return to constitutional order.? In a statement, Morocco says that it has full confidence that its ?Malian brothers? will ?draw on the values of peace and national harmony rooted in them? in the aftermath of the coup. The statement concluded that Morocco remains fully committed to the ?serenity and stability of Mali,?.

Prior to the coup, Morocco and Mali maintained a close partnership, particularly on issues of regional security and migration.

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