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C.E.T .Painting Announces Revamped & More Accessible Website

2024-07-18 06:37:09 Design


July 28, 2020 - Westchester, NY ? C.E.T. Painting, who provides experienced remodeling and painting services in Westchester is proud to announce its official website has been updated to increase its accessibility for all users. This update was performed to guarantee that all clients have the opportunity to access services and browse the C.E.T. Painting website with ease.
Some of the new and improved aspects include the ability for users with motor disabilities to be able to access links, buttons, and site forms via simple keyboard navigation. The C.E.T. Painting site will now offer a screen reader to make the navigation process much easier for users who are visually impaired. Also, there will be an option to adjust both the text size and spacing, along with the ability to change fonts to a more legible option.
Another fantastic option to assist those with visual impairments will be the capability to modify from a light to dark mode, as well as color inversion or desaturation options ? both of these options will reduce eye strain. C.E.T. Painting has also ensured that finding clickable items will be much easier with the addition of a larger cursor size and highlighted links.
Users can easily turn these new features off and on by simply pressing the blue accessibility button located at the top right corner of the site.
About C.E.T. Painting
Since 2004 C.E.T. Painting has been providing professional painting and renovation services to the residents and businesses of Westchester, NY. To learn more about C.E.T. Painting?s commercial and residential Westchester painters and home improvement solutions, please visit or call (914) 615-1415 today.

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