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COMPUCHILD Offers Innovative Programs that Offer Children Numerous Opportunities to Collaborate and Communicate Effectively

2024-05-24 07:22:16 Education


A COMPUCHILD franchisee gets to work independently with flexible hours while contributing to the educational growth of children, our future

7/27/2020: COMPUCHILD is an educational company that offers STEAM-based enrichment classes to children in the United States and Canada.

The company?s unique after-school enrichment program aims to teach technical principles using arts-based learning. Their programs are based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, and are aimed at children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary schools, daycare learning centers, and other educational after-school institutes.

The supplemental enrichment programs help children learn a wide range of values based on a holistic learning sensibility. They help children collaborate, communicate, and practice creative thinking and problem-solving skills. They also aim to impart skills and knowledge that can enable children to adapt to a rapidly changing environment that?s focused on technological innovation and community-building.
The after-school enrichment programs for children features interactive classes in Robotics, pre-programming logic and introduction to machines. These interactive lessons have been very popular with pre-kindergarten and elementary school children.

The introduction to machines preschool program is aimed at teaching pre-k children the simple mechanics of using early simple machines, demonstrated using Lego?. By allowing children to experiment with building blocks, instructors help them understand how things like wheels, levers and gears work.
The robotics program is aimed at kindergarten to third grade students. The module focuses on expanding upon principles of motors, pulleys, cams and other components like gears and sensors.

The logic program teaches children the fundamentals of programming as early as kindergarten to build a foundation for learning any programming language in the future.

A spokesperson of the company had the following to say about their inter-disciplinary approach to learning, ?After-school programs are integral to encouraging greater development for children of all ages. The younger we start, the better. However, our aim is not just to teach children life skills; it?s to make sure that the takeaway lesson is that learning is fun.

With this approach, we want our students to be self-motivated and confident, so they have a positive outlook and work toward social causes. It begins by teaching them ways to communicate and the importance of collaborative effort.?

The open-minded discussions in the classes allow children the opportunity to think outside the box and practice communication skills that help them deliver their ideas more coherently. COMPUCHILD recognizes the importance of creating an awareness and responsibility for children to have a positive social impact.
About the Company

COMPUCHILD offers supplemental and after-school enrichment programs for educational institutes that support entrepreneurial STEAM programs as well as pre-schools, daycare and elementary schools. They aim to equip children with the skills to adapt to new environments by collaborating, communicating effectively, and thinking creatively.

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