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COMPUCHILD Prepares Elementary School Children for the Future with Interactive Classes Focused on Entrepreneurship and Technology

2024-04-23 05:37:17 Education


United States?7/25/2020: Parental involvement in children?s education has been a long-running phenomenon. It largely comes from a growing concern about children?s futures and careers. The fabric of education, however, is changing drastically, forcing parents to rethink and re-evaluate how they teach their children. COMPUCHILD has been addressing these concerns since 1994 with its STEAM program.
COMPUCHILD offers Entrepreneurial STEAM? classes for children in pre-school and elementary school. The franchise is designed to target the career-propagating areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Focusing on future life skills and fostering a love for critical thinking in young children, COMPUCHILD ensures that children are better equipped for the future from a young age.

The franchise is offered to schools and other educational organizations, and even to parents or tutors who engage with a group of students. COMPUCHILD?s classes teach both the soft and hard skills that are needed to excel in academic and professional life. This enriches young minds to think logically, critically, and analytically from the get-go.

Speaking about their program, a senior spokesperson for COMPUCHILD said, ?We understand that the 21st Century is a whole different ballgame. It?s fast-paced, and fields like science, technology, and engineering are leading the charge.

Sifting out what makes sense and what doesn?t is a process that should begin from elementary school; even before, in fact. You?re acquainting their mind with the critical and logical brainwork that will help them succeed later on in life.?

COMPUCHILD also offers entrepreneurial education for preschoolers and elementary school children. Beyond STEAM, these carefully crafted, well-designed courses acquaint children with the concept of communication, money and ethics from a young age. These classes help build character and confidence, enhance their knowledge and cognition, and inculcate important life skills.

Adding to his earlier comments, the spokesperson said, ?We don?t just focus on one thing at COMPUCHILD. Some people mistakenly believe that we?re just preparing children for a successful career in technology. That?s just one of the things we do here. We?re also preparing them to become excellent artists, communicators, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, entrepreneurs and more. In short, we help them excel in the area they have the most interest in.?

Beyond educating children, COMPUCHILD also makes children aware of ethical and moral issues in science, technology and business. These are important for making sure that these future citizens use science and technology to further our civilization in a moral and ethical way. COMPUCHILD?s classes provide an opportunity for children to start to think differently and find ways to apply their learning for the social good.

COMPUCHILD offers interactive enrichment classes to students in the United States and Canada in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math?STEAM. Their Entrepreneurial STEAM? focus helps children learn fundamental career-based skills from a very young age.

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