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New Study Looks at the Life Span of RV Roof Coatings

2022-08-12 06:42:10 Automotive


Bridgeport, Connecticut- July 14th, 2020 – On average RV roof lasts around 20 years before it needs replacement or repairing. During this time period you can expect leaks at around 10 years or even 5 years depending upon how the RV is utilized and taken care off. If you plan to keep your RV for a longer period of time you will have roofing issues with regularity. One way of protecting your RV roof is providing an RV roof coating to it.

“One of the most common post-COVID-19 predictions has been that domestic road trips may be the first type of travel to rebound, and Joel Holland, founder and CEO of Harvest Hosts, sees that as one more encouraging sign for RV travel.”

Applying an RV roof coating is very affordable and attractive improvement to your RV. Rather than dealing with leaks from time to time due to which you may have to replace the roof, applying an RV roof coating can eliminate those frustrating leaks and make your RV much more enjoyable.

Extending the life of your RV will save you money and allow you to enjoy it longer.

RV Roof Magic is a roof coating created based on research by keeping in mind what the RV industry really requires in a product. In addition to be one-coat product, it can be applied to all surface types. With RV Roof Magic you are not at any limitation it will go over a 3rd party RV coating without the use of a primer.


RV Roof Magic is specially formulated coating for RV’s Trailers and Mobile homes that demand a highly flexible material as RV enthusiast travel throughout the year. It’s a highly flexible Aliphatic with a 77% volume solids and tensile strength 600 PSI. With over a 15-year history of success RV Roof Magic has helped thousands RV enthusiast get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

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