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hIOTron Launches a Guide on Emerging Role of IoT in COVID- 19 Response

2020-08-11 07:54:55 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, July 2, 2020: The world today is experiencing an anomalous situation. Hence hIoTron launches a guide on the emerging role of IoT in COVID-19 response, which will help to save people.
IoT specifically when integrated with other transformative technologies such as a Cloud and AI has seen usage in a huge range of applications during the epidemic.
This technology would not just cut the cost by the integrity of the reduction in human effort, but with the IoT and Edge Computing, as experienced from the COVID-19 crisis, would allow business continuity without human physical presence.

With significance on the small size and long battery life, Cellular IoT provides definitive connectivity for smart wristbands, with autarchy from paired smartphones.

Many mobile apps have been built to assist people to check if they have taken the same train or flight as virus patients detected. AI utilizes an Event-based surveillance system that holds unstructured data from various sources, including social media, the internet as well as official reports, to track and realize the confirmation of the threat.

Many Hospitals are placing IoT buttons, which are battery operated as well as connected via LTE-M that will send alerts to the management about the risks to public safety.
On the other side, drones are also provided with thermal camera scanners to recognize the temperatures of people to break the chain of the spread of the Corona Virus.

People are now using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant smart speaker IoT devices to control a smart home. Turning lights/TV on or off, dimming the lights, opening or closing blinds are some of the things that we can do without directly handling home appliances.

Robots are also being utilized to reduce the stress on healthcare workers and help in the treatment of patients. At the facility, 5G connected robots distributed food, drinks, and medication to patients.
The part of technology in the fight against COVID19 will be vital and innovation will certainly be at the cutting edge of this transformation.

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